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Just drag-and-drop your PDF file in the box above, wait for the compression to complete and download your file. It's that simple.

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Reduce your scanned PDF files to dpi which is perfect for uploading files to the web and through email. Drag and drop your file, wait a few seconds while it shrinks, and download it with a single click. The process is quick and secure. Your files will be permanently deleted from our server after one hour. All the file compressing takes place in the cloud and will not consume any capacity from your own computer.

Compress PDF Files On Mac OS With NXPowerLite

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You want to email this project to your guide for proofreading, but your favorite email service displays an error that the file size is too high… Oops! And we all know that annual reports tend to be rather huge. How do you minimize the space in the iPhone memory occupied by this kind of PDF file?

How to reduce your PDF File size on Mac OS X

The answer is to compress the PDF file. It is a fantastic PDF compressor for Mac that allows you to efficiently resize PDF files, without having to worry about losing any text or image.

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Thus, how to efficiently resize PDF file without losing one letter, digit or image? We think that downloading PDF Expert for free is one of the most reasonable solutions.

8 Best PDF Compressor for Mac and Windows | Mashtips

You can reduce the size of PDF on Mac with just a few simple clicks. Immediately following that, you will see a pop-up where you can choose the desired quality of the compressed file. PDF Expert even shows you the approximate reduced file size of the file. Want to explore how this works and try compressing a PDF file? Download the free trial or buy PDF Expert now!