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The final accented letter is a single character generated from what you typed, so a single backspace erases it. Using dead keys is just a clever way to type characters that are otherwise unavailable from the keyboard. It shows both the accent keys and the accentable letters, as shown in this screenshot. Holding down Option in Keyboard Viewer highlights the accent keys left ; the available accented letters show up when you type or click one of the accent keys right.

  • The 'Option' key is the most underrated key on the Apple keyboard.
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This figure shows the accented letters that can be produced using Option-e. I added the red circles — Keyboard Viewer is not as enthusiastic about showing you the accented letters.

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Type More Accents with the U. Extended Keyboard — Roman-based languages use many more accents than the five basic ones that Mac dead keys have always provided.

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Extended input keyboard. Extended input keyboard:.

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  6. Extended; this automatically checks U. Choose the U. Extended keyboard from the Input menu. Its menu bar icon differs from the standard U. Now you can use Keyboard Viewer to access the larger selection of accents and accentable letters the same way you use it for basic accents with the standard U. This example shows the results for Option-C, the cedilla accent. Not all fonts include all the accented characters you see in Keyboard Viewer. Why not always use the Extended keyboard?

    Because it giveth with one key and taketh away with the other. Extended Keyboard active. Along the way, it devotes 12 pages to explaining the glyph approach to font characters, describing how characters that lack Unicode IDs are handled, and showing why you should care about alternative characters.

    Users of Leopard Yes, that's true. I refrained from making extremely disparaging remarks about the downward spiral of Character Viewer's attitude with each system upgrade, so I didn't hammer home how ridiculous it is to provide Latin-mapped non-Unicode compliant fonts and not let them be seen in Viewer.

    Webdings all 3 , Wingdings, and Apple Symbols are also mapped like that. You don't have to start out with "I think I always bow to your superior technical font knowledge! And, of course, you're right; I was seduced by Font Book's sample display when I thought I had set it to my custom alpha-numeric example. For example on my MacBook 4,1 black , running the latest Snow Leopard, Option-e does not make Keyboard Viewer show the accented characters available though it shows the 5 accents.

    Neither does it show the augmented keyboard map when US international is selected though the map becomes much larger. You worried me there for a minute - that I had missed a change from some system upgrade, or something, because I whipped out Kbd Viewer and, lo, you were right - I couldn't get accented letters to appear using my MacBook Pro. Here's the deal, though: Viewer displays the accented letters after pressing Option, and then one of the "triggers" only when you can actually type them into something.

    Picky, picky! So, with my email open, but not a message window - which is how I read your comment - no accented letters show. Let's see if that accent gets posted correctly. Thank you for the demonstration that our site can support Unicode punctuation and characters! I also use PopChar to enter various characters letters, symbol, marks, etc. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question.

    Accent Codes for the Macintosh

    I'm using a U. S International PC keyboard layout. How do I make the tilde sign work on my Mac? Aborted Aborted 1 3 4. What about hardware? Are you using a Mac style keyboard? Or your old PC style keyboard? Tom Gewecke Tom Gewecke I'm used to the PC formats which do as you suggested without the extra space , but it's not the case on my Mac.

    ThomasAhle What is the name of the Input Source you are using?

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    That's the one. On Sierra. I also tried all other English qwerty layouts with similar luck. Eventually I found out the button between shift and Z works.

    How to Type Common Symbols and Special Characters in Mac OS X - uvicigelusaz.tk

    Sergei Sergei 8 There is no need to do that. I've tried what you said, but even the U. It's probably on the key that located between Shift and Z. Make sure you have "Show Input menu in the Menu bar" selected, and open Keyboard viewer from the menu bar to see you keyboard.

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    • How to Type Common Symbols and Special Characters in Mac OS X - uvicigelusaz.tk.
    • How to Type Common Symbols and Special Characters in Mac OS X.
    • Macintosh Accent Codes.

    On MacBook Pro with norwegian keyboard: Micer Micer 4 7. Plus your answer is already covered by the one from Sergei.