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Many people have emailed to say that these cheats don't work. It may have to do with some systems not accepting multiple alphanumeric keys at the same time. If they don't work for you, consider using a savegame editor to add extra weapons or ammo. Or, if you're trying to skip a level, you could download a saved game instead. Use the compass to position Lara facing exactly north.

PC & Macintosh Tomb Raider Cheat Codes

Highlight the Load Game icon stone tablet. This is not case sensitive, but you do need to hold all the keys down together. Then exit the menu by pressing Escape. If this doesn't work for you exactly as written, try this: You should then skip to the next level. Thanks to almayah for this tip. Use the compass to position Lara facing due north.

Highlight the small medipak icon but don't select it. Press and hold the keys G U N S for a moment.

(w/ mic) Tomb Raider 2 STREAM (1 Save per Level, All Secrets) 1 of 3 (MAC/PC)

All Weapons: Exit inventory by pressing Escape but continue facing north. Open inventory again, highlight the large medipak icon but don't select it. Exit the menu by pressing Escape. The compass is on the inventory screen. When Lara is facing due North, the red point on the needle points directly to 'N' and the compass needle turns transparent—at least it does on the consoles and on most PC video cards. If you're having trouble positioning her, find a ledge or block that runs east to west and grab the edge from the south side.

Then either let go or climb up and Lara should be facing north. If you find that facing north doesn't work, you might try facing EAST instead. I had an email from one raider who says this worked for him with the PC all-weapons cheat. No, you're not hallucinating.

There is no compass in TR Chronicles. So any cheat that directs you to face due north is incorrect. Unlimited Small medipaks: First, you may want to save your game in a new slot before trying this in case it doesn't work. And, as always, my walkthrough includes the locations of all secrets. Bonus Levels: For more information, including a complete walkthrough, visit my Golden Mask page. This game was designed for Windows 98 but can be patched to run in newer versions of Windows.

There are also a number of fan-made mods to enhance your gaming experience.

Tomb Raider II – Cheats

See the TR2 Downloads page for details. For help running the Macintosh version on newer systems, visit MacRaider. An updated version for PC that requires no patching is available for download from Steam. They include pointers on moving Lara through her environment, conserving health and ammo, using the menu and inventory systems, and much more.

Tomb Raider 2 Game Info and Walkthrough | Stella's Site

English language transcripts for each scene are included in the walkthrough. Level 1: Great Wall Level 2: Venice Level 3: Bartoli's Hideout Level 4: Opera House. Level 5: Offshore Rig Level 6: Diving Area Level 7: Wreck of the Maria Doria Level 9: Living Quarters Level The Deck. Level Tibetan Foothills Level Barkhang Monastery Level Turn around 3 times and perform a backflip immediately and if done correctly you'll hear a gun reload sound effect Contributed by: Unlockable Enter the spider cave and kill all the spiders without obtaining any damage.

Tomb Raider II, Starring Lara Croft

Slide down a slope, jump, flip whilst in the air and land without dying. Acrobat Find a treasure Aha! Set Lara on fire, then impale her while she is still burning An unpleasant death Enter the spider cave and get to the end without killing any spiders Arachnophobia Complete every level in China, completing each level in under 30 minutes Beautiful China Make Lara die whilst standing on the bed in Home Sweet Home Bed time!

Die by getting your head bitten off by the T-rex Decapitated Perform a swan dive, whilst in the air perform 2 flips Dizzy!

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Complete Home Sweet Home in under 5 minutes Don't you think you've seen enough? Kill 10 enemies with the M16 Firepower! Break Lara's neck Fractured! Lock Winston in the freezer Frozen! Kill 10 enemies with the Automatic Pistols Full Auto!

Dive into Lara's swimming pool Go for a dip! Find all treasures! Complete every level in Italy, Venice.

Completing each level in under 30 minutes. Kill 50 enemies with the Pistols I'll use these forever Enter the Yeti room and complete it without getting damaged or killing any Yetis I'm having a Nightmare! Use 3 small medipacks and 1 large medi pack Is there a doctor here? Set Lara on fire and jump of a cliff before she dies It burns! Kill the Guardian of the Talion Its a beast!

Complete every level based in Tibet, completing each level in under 30 mins its cold Kill the Dragon without him breathing fire on you Just don't burn me please Complete every level based underwater, beating each level in under 30 mins including Offshore Rig Lets take a dip! Make Lara fall off a ledge and have her screaming for 3 seconds Long Drop Kill the Guardian of the Talion and the Dragon without getting Damaged or use any medipacks.

Mythical beasts Find a secret way to get to the top of Lara's house Nice view! Kill 10 enemies with the Uzis Quick Burst Enter the yeti room and kill all Yetis without getting damaged.