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This was all about changing the MAC in non-rooted mobile phone, for rooted devices you have a bunch of options to select from. Here are a few techniques you can use:.

Why Would You Want to Change It?

We still need a Terminal Emulator for this method. Open the Terminal and then type the following commands:. But do remember to change it on your own risk. If you have any problem, comment down below and let me know! Read Also: I know that nothing can do without the help o Hey all, Just like you I also want to run Ske Hey, thanks a lot for sharing all about TrueC You may also like How to connect Bluetooth Headset with Android Wear.

How to Change MAC Address in Android Devices

Increase Battery Life. Follow GeekEasier. Suraj Padamsali says: Priyanka Panicker says: For example, my OnePlus 3 is not rooted and below is the result that I got:. One of the things to take care of while assigning a new MAC address is that you should not change the manufacturer name. This is represented by XX: XX, i.

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If you change these, you may face Wi-Fi authentication problems. So if your original mac address was a2: Where YY: YY can be anything you want but also not just anything you want. Now, of course, nobody keeps a list of valid MAC addresses in their pockets and it can be hard to guess. It is still possible to change your MAC address.

Below is a step by step instructions to temporarily change android MAC address without root access:. There are two limitations to this method. The first being, it almost always works only on devices with MediaTek processors. The second being, the change is temporary.

How to hack any WhatsApp using Mac Spoofer 101% working

Your MAC address will go back to the original one if you restart your phone. Note that this method only works on rooted Android devices. The second thing you need for this method to work, apart from root, is Busybox.

How to Spoof MAC Address on Android Phones | GoHacking

You can easily install Busybox on your rooted android phone with the following app:. If you already have Busybox installed on your device, just ignore these steps. You can download the APK from the link below. This app too only works if you have a device powered by a MediaTek chip. This method changes your MAC address permanently unless you manually change it back to what it was.

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Note that the MAC address change through this method is permanent and does not change upon device restart. Did this method work for you?

Change MAC Address or WiFi MAC Address on Android

Have you an easier method than this to change the MAC address? Let us know in the comments below! Rakesh is a teacher by profession and geek by heart with an ardent passion for all-things-tech.