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Had you tried booting the computer in SafeBoot then run its Disk Utility, to repair disk permissions?

How to upgrade RAM on the Mac mini (with video) - 9to5Mac

Then restart. Also what are the running system specifications from Activity Monitor? Jan 1, 9: While Mavericks will run in 4GB for a computer with a standard hard drive that's just about all it will do. Virtual memory with a slow hard drive is agonizingly slow.

So yes, upgrading to 8GB, or even 16GB if your mini supports it, is a good idea.

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Jan 1, I have encountered two Mac minis that ran more slowly under Mavericks and both of them had maxed out the RAM. Sophos on one and ClamX AV on the other. But before you go spending any money download the free EtreCheck and see what it reports. Cleaning out some old "stuff" may make a lot more difference than additional RAM.

I'm kind of confused and don't really understand how Mavericks handles the RAM. I really don't know how to understand these figures.

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According to your understanding, is my system running out of memory? I'm not a big fan of spending extra cash on upgrading a machine that is almost 3 years old and would prefer to keep my money for an upgrade towards a new Mac Mini when a newer version comes out and by that time I'll make sure I get an ssd drivre along with 16Gb of ram on the new setup.

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Chrome is a resource hog. It opens a new process for each tab and each plugin in that tab. That's why I use Firefox. Since you intend to replace the current computer I understand why you want to keep your spending to a minimum.

Upgrade or install memory in your Mac mini

Of course Apple tends to upgrade the mini infrequently so you could be waiting a while. Or no, hard to tell.

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  4. Upgrading to 8GB will make a big difference. With my old iMac I saw an impressive improvement just upgrading to the maximum 6GB. Speaking of browsers, I tried to stick to Safari as soon as Mavericks was released, but it's an insanely slow and heavy piece of software.

    How to speed up Mac Mini 2014 without disassembly and loss of warranty

    I switched back to Chrome and there's no debate it's waaaay faster than Safari. Tried Firefox as well and it's also slower than Chrome. According to the image of memory usage you posted, the Virtual Memory is taking 5GB of HDD free space to run whatever was on, in the image and the physical RAM was nearly all taken, with 3. Most of the items in the far right side appear to be other usage, some in MB. Leave this field empty. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

    Lab Tested: The ramifications of additional memory on a Mac

    Notify me of new posts by email. I am really upset as my daughter bought a second hand iMac failing to check it could be ssd able so we had option to add one later. She asked the wrong question and ended up with the iMac Am I right? If so do I have any option to improve the lag it has, perhaps adding sonething externally as you mentioned? Or should I try and exchange it for a model that can have a ssd added. Have we got ourselves stuck with a slow computer, can anything be done, am I over estimating the importance of an ssd able model?

    We can still exchange the computer in next few days and I do know someone who could upgrade internal RAM, storage etc if model allowed. Please help I am lost! Thanks so much for any help as I am really upset as we bought this to help her A level photography but it is running so slowly. Thanks again. Please contact our customer support team and they will be able to help you with all of your questions. You do not need to upgrade your Mac anymore not with Detox your Mac. What this program does is it truly helps to clean out everything in your Mac and make it function better and faster than it has in a long time.

    Sometimes even restoring the factory quickly you had when you bought the computer to begin with. Understanding full well that Mac computer are not cheap means that instead of getting an even more expensive upgrade you can actually use this product to help clean out everything that need to be cleaned out and get your computer up and running at peak performance.

    Within just a few seconds after starting the program you can have it go through hundreds of thousands of files getting rid of everything that is useless. Having a hard drive full of useless information really does make things so much harder on the computer itself and can be a true frustration to someone who really needs to just get the job done on the computer but instead they are having to wait longer and longer periods of time for loads and downloads or even for the initial startup of the computer before they can get anything done. RAM was a Novell server's best friend.

    That wasn't always true with Windows or Linux systems, but it certainly was with Novell. Sure, any computer will love you for adding RAM, but not in the same way a Novell server would. Add RAM to a Novell server and it would be your best friend for years to come. Four gigs was no longer adequate with Yosemite, AVG antivirus, and many apps open. I don't know if it's four times better, but it feels ten times better and that's what I'd hoped for--a significant performance boost. I swear that I saw my Mac smile at me after I booted it up with its new memory boost.

    Although now I think it could have just been a lingering after image of that Amazon smile from the box it came in. Either way, I was smiling and haven't stopped since that day. Thanks to Melissa, Amazon, and Crucial I mean thanks Santa Claus, it was the perfect present! The books are cool too. We typically go in the summer, but this year we waited. Workspot ushers in the age of VDI 2. New Hadoop survey makes big data predictions for Wearables are everywhere, but are they part of BYOD? Samsung Galaxy Fold: I want a foldable phone, but no clue what to do with it.

    Samsung's likely tease of a foldable device will highlight something well beyond vaporware, but the use cases remain a bit of a mystery. Maybe it won't matter. Galaxy S10 rumors: March 8 ship date, design, specs, cameras, 5G.

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