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Unlike other tracking solutions, you do not have to leave your compositor of choice in order to pull a track with Camera Tracker. This does away with the usual problem of finding formats that round trip correctly. Camera Tracker analyses a source sequence and lets you create an After Effects camera that matches how the original sequence was shot.

The three-step process seeds track points, models and solves the 3D feature positions of the track points, then creates an After Effects camera for the scene. Camera Tracker can be run fully automated, or you can use its incredibly in-depth configurable options to tweak everything from tracking and validation through to solving and object creation. The unique in-viewer menu featured in Camera Tracker allows for quick and easy operation of the plug-in without having to move the cursor, and thus your point of attention, away from the image itself.

The in-viewer menu and associated keyboard shortcuts allow you to create After Effects solids and nulls within your comp, positioned to match your currently selected tracked feature points. Easily tie objects and text within the context of your scene. Camera Tracker lets you configure a ground plane, thus setting the entire scene's orientation and offset via a variety of means that allow for rapid scene setup, allowing fine tooth control over the scene's offset and orientation, or manual tweaking.

Once a shot has been solved and a scene created, you can easily render a 3D feature preview, which details the positions of the individual feature points and their current selection and frame state. This unique feature can be used to visualize and assist in setting ground planes and creating objects.

The 5 best 3D tracking tools for CG artists

Camera Tracker features a comprehensive solve stats and refinement workflow. Standard After Effects parameters are set showing a number of useful statistics, both after the track phase and after the solve phase. Render Track Points.

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When the effect is selected, track points are always shown, even if Render Track Points is not selected. When enabled, the points are displayed into the image allowing them to be seen during preview. Track Point Size. Create Camera. Creates the 3D camera. A camera is automatically added when you create a text, solid, or null layer from the context menu.

Advanced controls. You can define a ground plane reference plane and origin, for example, the 0,0,0 point of the coordinate system within the 3D Camera Tracker effect. This action does not have any visible result, but the reference plane and origin of the coordinate system are saved for this scene. Any items that you create from within this instance of the 3D Camera Tracker effect are created using this plane and origin.

3D camera tracker effect

If you choose Set Ground Plane And Origin again, a warning tells you that objects already created using a different ground plane and origin are not to be updated using the new ground plane and origin. In the Advanced section of the effect properties, there is a new option: Auto-delete Points Across Time.

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If this option is on, when you delete track points in the Composition panel, corresponding track points for example, track points on the same feature or object are deleted at other times on the layer, so it isn't necessary to delete the track points frame by frame to improve the quality of the track.

For example, you can delete track points on a person running through the scene, whose motion should not be considered for the determination of how the camera was moving in the shot. This method works for both 2D Source and 3D Solved track points. You can delete selected track points with the Delete key or by context-clicking and choosing Delete Selected Points.

Even with the new Auto-delete Points Across Time feature, you can instead or additionally define an alpha channel for the layer to prevent the 3D Camera Tracker effect from considering a specific part of the image for determining a camera. In the Text Exporting dialog box that opens, choose the Extrude or Text option.

What is Camera tracker

Tracking 3D camera movement Search. After Effects User Guide. Select an article: Applies to: After Effects CC. Analyzing footage and extracting camera motion. With a footage layer selected, do one of the following: In the Tracker panel, click the Track Camera button. The 3D Camera Tracker effect is applied. The analysis and solving phases occur in the background, with status appearing as a banner on the footage and next to the Cancel button. Adjust the settings, as needed. Attaching content into a scene containing a solved camera.

With the effect selected, select the track point or multiple track points defining a best-fit plane to use as the attach point. Hover between three neighboring unselected track points that can define a plane, a semitransparent triangle appears between the points. A red target appears, showing the orientation of the plane in 3D space.

Draw a marquee-selection box around multiple track points to select them. Right-click above the selection or target, and then choose the type of content to create.

Tracking 3D Camera Movement in After Effects

The following types can be created: Text Solid Null layer for the center of the target Text, solid, or null layer for each selected point "Shadow catcher" layer a solid that accepts shadows only for the created content by using the Create Shadow Catcher command in the context menu. Moving the target to attach content to different location. To move the target so that you can attach content to a different location, do the following: When above the center of the target, the "move" cursor appears for repositioning the target.

Drag the center of the target to desired location. Resizing a target.

Tracking 3D camera movement

To resize a target, do one of the following: Adjust the Target Size property. When above the center of the target, a cursor with horizontal arrows allows you to resize the target. Selecting and deselecting track points. To select track points, do one of the following: Click a track point. Click between three adjacent track points.

Draw a marquee-selection box around multiple points. Shift-click or draw a Shift-marquee selection box around the track points to add multiple track points to the current selection. To deselect track points, do one of the following: Click away from a track point. Deleting unwanted track points. To delete unwanted track points, do the following: Select the track points.

Press Delete or choose Delete Selected Points from the context menu. Creating a "shadow catcher" layer. Effect controls for the 3D camera tracker. The effect has the following controls and settings: Controls if the track points are rendered as part of the effect. Changes the displayed size of the track points.