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Jaguar took the same Aqua-inspired theme but added some depth and motion to things.

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In my head, the trails streaking across the screen were from a set of comets. While Panther inflicted Macs everywhere with Brushed Metal, its wallpaper stayed on brand, refreshing the original While that may or may not be true, it has my favorite Aqua-inspired wallpaper. Complete with a revised, unified user interface and shiny new Dock, This starscape is still one of my favorites.

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Lion kept up the space theme, this time showing off the Andromeda galaxy. The space nerd in me likes the idea, but the execution of this one leaves dead-last on my list of favorites. Just like Snow Leopard before it, with Mountain Lion, Apple opted to clean up and revise the existing theme as opposed to changing directions for what would be a less-impactful release of OS X.

The wave depicted looks as intimidating as the ones in the famous surfing location. Yosemite brought another UI refresh to the Mac, making things flatter and more modern.

macOS Mojave wallpapers

The wallpaper ushered in a new era based on … well … mountains. No more mountains! Their retina HD display enhances the viewing experience of Mac users. Therefore, having higher resolution backgrounds and cool wallpapers will give the pleasant experience of your Apple computer. HD Wallpapers offers a lot of full HD wallpaper with different catalogs and each catalog offers pages of wallpaper so there is a lot for the user to select from for their Mac desktop.

10.0 Cheetah & 10.1 Puma

VladStudios is one of my all-time favorites as it offers the kind of wallpaper I would like to have on my desktop. T he website also offers a different kind of resolutions that max out up to 2k resolution.

Download macOS Mojave wallpapers for desktop and iPhone

Simple Desktops as the titles imply includes a lot of wallpaper that offers a normal design and not something that looks too bizarre or fancy. The website offers a lot of innovative and creative type of wallpaper that is suitable for users with a simple touch and also updates fairly regularly with new ones. Unsplash is one the fastest growing Mac Desktop background wallpaper provider with many wallpapers for every device and every size.

You can download their apps from the App store to browse the collection of wallpapers and change the background easily. You will see many nature-related wallpapers. So if you are a user will a multiple screen desktop then this is where you should be looking for high-resolution backgrounds. DevianArt is one of the biggest websites for Mac wallpapers and offers tons and tons of different genre of wallpaper.

Also Read: How to install Xcode 6 on Windows 8 or Windows 7. Wallpapershome has high-quality wallpapers for Apple devices such as iPhone and Mac computers.

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Getwallpapers is a site having most of the original Mac OS wallpapers from old to new. Downloading the wallpapers is simple and free without any registration. If you think that you are missing some old Mac wallpapers from the year , better visit this site to get them. HDW got plenty of wallpapers under each category. You can see the number of downloads to identify the famous wallpaper. The search functionality is good, you can search based on the OS and the size of the wallpaper. Once you selected a wallpaper, it picks up similar wallpapers for your choice.

Easy browsing and search functionality are the best features of this website. Excellent themed wallpapers for Mac and Apple users available. Once you selected your desired image, you will see many sizes to suit your screen size including Mac laptops , desktop, iPhone and iPad.

It generates the size on the fly and allows you to download without any registration.