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If the content isn't that lengthy, try to copy the text from the PDF file, create a new PowerPoint file and paste the content you just copied. Also, don't forget to add some visuals and colors. If you don't want to spend time doing that, there are a few other ways to get it done.

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That's what we're going to talk about today. Please note: If you choose those methods, make sure the user account on your computer has permission to install software. Also, if your PDF file contains sensitive information, using a desktop PDF converter software is safer yet more efficient. If the PDF contains a lot of elements such as text, images, graphs, data, custom design, etc; The most efficient way to turn the PDF into PPT is by taking a few screenshots of the document, then open Office PowerPoint, create a new project and insert the images i.

This method can also save you lots of headaches if the PDF is a scanned image. A quick Google search will return a long list of such services. Be aware of those don't have any disclosure or privacy policies regarding protecting your uploaded PDF file.

If your document is not so important and you are not paranoid about security or privacy, here are a few good PDF to PowerPoint converting services you can try note: Launch the software and you'll notice the interface is quite similar to the Microsoft Office style. Then wait until the conversion process is complete. It often takes time and motivation to surf through the internet searching for the best free online PDF to. It goes without saying, that you then will have to waste your time on downloading and installing a program.

However, now there is a solution to this problem.

It is now possible to convert PDF to Powerpoint with an online service. There are a number of services capable of transforming your document on-the-go. Get access to an online converter from any tablet or smartphone. Forget about installation, payment or passwords. Here is a simple breakdown of how it all works. Remember, that you can upload only one PDF file at a time.

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The complete document should be no more than pages and have a maximum size of 25 MB. Mix quality, speed and price. Convert your PDFs to. PPT online and enjoy quality of your result with the possibility of further editing and sharing. The entire PDF document can be fully transformed into a PowerPoint presentation and every single page will be a separate slide. If major changes are needed in the text, using the editor is the fastest way to redo a document. Choose File. How it works. Drag and drop a PDF document into the box above.

Click the trash button to start over. Forget about downloading and installing expensive oftware on your device. Each file you upload will be deleted from the server once the conversion is completed. Use the app online regardless of the operating system installed on your computer or phone. Our tools allow you to process files in the cloud.

Convert docs in a few clicks from any Internet-connected device. Characteristics File extension.

How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint on Mac

The Portable Document Format is a file format developed in the s. It is intended to present documents, including text formatting and images independent of any type of application software, hardware, and operating systems. PDF lets users fully view, navigate, print, or forward a document to someone else. A user can view and use files by installing a free Acrobat Reader.

However, now it is possible to use online service too. Technical Details: PDFs encapsulate a description of a fixed-layout flat document, with text, different fonts, vector graphics, raster images and other information to display. PDF has been an open format since Nowadays PDF files may contain different content, including interactive elements form-fields, layers, video content , three dimensional objects and so on.

PDFs can be password-protected as well. File extension. PPT is a file extension for a presentation file format. It was developed by Microsoft and is used by Microsoft PowerPoint, the presentation software that is used for creating and viewing slide shows. Texts, images and other components of the presentation are contained in the PPT file.

PowerPoint is part of Microsoft Office. This allowed PowerPoint to become the most widely used worldwide presentation program.

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That's why PPT format is compatible with such a wide variety of programs. PPT files can be enhanced with pictures, animation, graphs, table and other media files. PowerPoint allows you to customize the content to enter, exit or move. Initial Release: Microsoft Initial Release: May 22, Useful links: