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Even then, why would they care or why would it make a difference? Maybe MM is blaming Apple. Maybe Apple's buying FreeHand. Maybe it's just one poor sap left in the Richardson, TX office. His only mission: I can just see the guy: Sitting in broken glass. Cowering in a dark, dank corner of the bullet-ridden office. A rat knaws on his leg.

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The bones of his co-workers are piled up in the center of the room. The stench of death lingers in the air. Defiantly he clings to the last blood and coffee-stained box that once held a copy of the program known as: Slowly he raises a gun to his head Oh, sorry, where was I? Oh yeah I also like how they slam the end user, as is so often typical of MM, putting the pain of FHMX bugs back on our shoulders: How typical. I still have self esteem issues from FH Hey Macromedia: I'm not bitter.

My guess is there hasn't been a 'Freehand Team' doing paid work at Macromedia for quite some time. Danny Guest. Actually, I can live with the grid issue. A call to MM got me up and running, but I was warned that they wouldn't do it again. My biggest issue is with not opening FH10 files that have joined paths - it will crash every time, vis: Legacy files that contain joined objects cause FreeHand MX to crash. September 2, Issue When opening legacy files that contain a joined object the file will cause a crash in FreeHand MX This does not occur in FreeHand MX version 11 and Mac OS MM would have know about this issue and not warned anyone, although perhaps Apple discourages partners from pointing out the issues.

Error, "Unable to Activate" in Macromedia legacy products

Who knows? Anyway, still trying to find workarounds Angusdog Guest. I just bought a new G5 2. Macromedia, I am appealing to you again, please fix freehand or let us know what are you plans of doing so. I'm bitter. I have discovered a work around for this problem. Open the keyboard shortcuts menu in the edit menu? Find the snap to guides action. In the Press new shortcut key box assign the action a new key sequence. Any key command that is not already assigned will also work. Click the assign button and click OK? Now snap to guides will now turn off and on. EDIT the same procedure also works for Grid problem too.

My first problem was that I was unable to load any of them from the dock.

Adobe – Macromedia Activation Codes

I resolved that by downloading and installing the English version of the hotfix noted elseware. All these issues came about after the Tiger upgrade. I finally got an answer from Macromedia and it has solved the problem for the most part, although the grid thing still doesn't work. Here's what they told me: Thanks for contacting Macromedia Technical Support.

I found the e-mail that has the issue regarding MS Entourage affecting the shortcut keys of FreeHand, and I was able to specifically retrieve one customer incident that has the same issue as yours.

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I have contacted the customer to get more information on his issue with Entourage and here is what he told me. But, only when Entourage was open. I do not recall if it was a problem with Word, PowerPoint, etc. If I closed the Entourage application, the FreeHand shortcuts would resume working. I did finally fix the problem, but I don't think it was the easy way. I just deleted every Microsoft Office related program both versions and all application support on my computer and reinstalled only the newest version.

3.1. Activation Codes

This fixed the shortcut key problem, but I was at square one as far as the preferences, calendar, etc. My boss upgraded the new Office the day after I did. She had no problems until a few days ago. I would say that she had it installed and working properly, not affecting the shortcuts, for 3 weeks. Now she is experiencing the same problem I was, but not willing to fix it the way I did. She doesn't want to lose all the info in Entourage that I lost. She is also experiencing the same problem with Photoshop CS. Sounds like a serious problem that, not you, but Microsoft needs to fix.

I will try to file an incident with them. They e-mailed me: Once this checkbox is checked, the issue no longer occurs. Therefore, try the following: You can also contact Microsoft if they have already found a fix to this particular issue. Let me know of your progress. Hope that helps some of you folks out there. Played with opening files and printing them. No problems thus far.

People upgrading to Tiger with legacy machines would be well advised to do clean installs of both the OS and the apps they work with.

In addition, the Object panel provides localized stacking control of multiple attributes for unlimited and unique visual appearances. You can also drag and drop between the Object and Styles panels to create, edit, and redefine graphic and text styles. Live effects Maximize creative expression with live effects, which apply complex distortions and effects without altering the original object. FreeHand MX includes vector effects such as bend, sketch, and transform and raster effects like bevel, drop shadow, and gradient transparency.

The complete control of ordering provided in the Object panel allows you to apply effects in any order, to all or selected attributes of the object. Live-edit graphic primitives Quickly and easily reshape rectangles, ellipses, and polygons while maintaining the control and editability of FreeHand MX graphic primitives. Easily round rectangle corners and mix concave or convex, convert ellipses to arcs, or change polygons to stars with editable numbers of points.

Macromedia Flash integration Increase productivity and streamline development of Macromedia Flash projects. Plan, layout and design entire projects in single document. Action tool Drag and drop complex Macromedia Flash actions between objects, symbols, and pages. Connector lines tool Quickly map information architecture, data flows, and site maps with the Connector Lines tool.

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Just drag the tool to assign persistent relationships between objects. Connector Line styles let you completely customize the appearance of connectors and quickly apply them. Creative capabilities Realize your creative vision with a collection of enhanced tools and functionality.

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Create exciting 3D appearances with the Extrude tool, which gives complete live control over extrude attributes, including 3D rotations, lighting, and shared vanishing points. Drag and drop the Blend tool to create and modify live blends, or use the Eraser tool to modify paths in an, organic way. Additionally, FreeHand MX now provides alpha channel support for imported bitmaps.

Launch and edit imported bitmap images with a single click in the FreeHand MX Object panel, make your changes in Fireworks, then click back in FreeHand MX— your image is now updated, without losing any effects or transformations applied to the original FreeHand MX image. You can also open or import FreeHand MX files directly in Fireworks, with improved vector and text reliability and editability. FreeHand MX As the Macromedia activation servers have been offline since , you will need to enter this serial number through telephone activation's "activate over the internet" screen.

Version See also: Aldus FreeHand 1. That pre-made registration file also works for FreeHand MXa. I believe that's what Adobe was sharing to get around activation issues prior to , when an activation server shutdown affected all of the Macromedia Studio MX apps. I've tried both solutions for They should get you up and running, with and without an Internet connection. That one should not give you any trouble with a valid serial in Mac OS 9.

I'm not sure activating by using a serial number still works at all. But there's a quite easy work-around described under "Registration File" at http: