Long beep at startup mac

Additionally, if you hear a sequence of startup tone rather than hearing it just once, you may also have some underlying issues that need to be looked at.

SOLVED: Mac Mini beeps on boot , after HDD replacement and RAM swap? - Mac Mini Mid - iFixit

Some examples of issues where the startup tone may not be consistent with these expectations include:. Apple says this will happen when the computer believes there is no RAM random access memory installed. This may occur if the RAM module s has been removed from your computer, has become unseated in the RAM slot, or a connection on your logic board is bad. Some Macs still use removable RAM modules and you can remove them and reseat them.

About Mac startup tones

When I started up my MacBook Pro after a software update EFI and Thunderbolt software , it made a long single beep noise, then showed the Apple logo with a progress bar below it, then flashed the screen, and went to the regular startup with the Apple logo. Posted on Sep 17, 2: If it occurs again, call the free Apple support number, you have 3 months from date of purchase for support, one year warranty and up to three years for both if you purchased AppleCare.

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Sep 17, 3: Nov 18, 8: I had this happen as well, during an update from OS X Mavericks In my case, I found that the iMac's rear power button was stuck partly pushed-in. I was able to press on it sideways and get it to release, after which the iMac was able to power up normally.

The Mac startup tone – an evolution in progress

Long single beep noise on startup. To learn more, see Startup key combinations for Mac.

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