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On the fence When faced with a choice, a person who is on the fence has not yet reached a decision. The candidates have such similar ideas that many electors are still on the fence. They fight like cat and dog but they're still together after 30 years. Have other fish to If you have other fish to fry, you have more fry important things to do. I don't think he'll attend the office party; he's got other fish to fry.

They wanted a quiet place for the week-end and the country inn just fitted the bill. On the fly If you do something on the fly, you do it quickly, without thinking much about it, while doing something else. I'm so busy I usually have lunch on the fly. Flying start If something gets off to the flying start, it is immediately successful. Sales of the book got off to a flying start and exceeded our expectations. Lily followed in her mother's footsteps and became a teacher.

Follow suit If you follow suit, you do the same as somebody else has just done. The first robber held up his hands. The other twofollowed suit. A foot in the door If you say that someone has a foot in the door, you mean that they have a small but successful start in something and will possibly do well in the future. With today's unemployment, it's difficult to get a foot in the door in any profession. The contract got the firm a foothold in the local administration.

Force of habit When something is done out of force of habit, it has become automatic through frequent repetition. Why do I always park here? It's force of habit I suppose. A free hand If you have a free hand, you have permission to make your own decisions, especially in a job. My boss has given me a free hand in the choice of agent.

He wouldn't have succeeded without help from friends in high places. Front runner In a contest, race or election, the front runner is the person who seems most likely to succeed or win. Who are the front runners in the coming elections? Full of beans A person who is full of beans is lively, active and healthy.

He may be getting old but he's still full of beans! Full of hot air A person who full of hot air is full of nonsense and talks a lot without saying anything worthwhile. Don't listen to Tony. He's full of hot air! I've got suspicions about that association. I think they're up to some funny business. Don't let him impress you. He always exaggerates; all his geese are swans! It was a gentleman's agreement.

I can't change my mind now! We need to get our ducks in a row if we want our project to succeed. Get into gear When a person or activity gets into gear, they start to work or become effective. Immediately after the announcement, a group of protesters got into gear. Get your hands dirty If you get your hands dirty in your job, you become involved in all aspects of it, including work that is physical, unpleasant or less interesting. His willingness to get his hands dirty won the respect and approval of the whole team. Get on in years Someone who is getting on in years is growing old.

My grandmother is getting on in years. She's no longer able to prepare Christmas dinner without help. When Tony pointed at his watch, I got the message - it was time to leave for the airport. Charlie got the sack when his boss caught him stealing. Get off the hook If you do something wrong and manage to get off the hook, you avoid punishment or blame. Barry was questioned by the police but his lawyer managed to get him off the hook. Get on your high horse If you get on your high horse, you start behaving in a haughty manner, as though you should be treated with more respect.

He got on his high horse when he was asked to show his membership card. Get the better of If someone or something gets the better of you, someone they defeat you. Get to the bottom of If you get to the bottom of a problem or mystery, something you solve it by finding out the true cause of it. Hopefully the investigation will get to the bottom of it. Get a move on If someone tells you to get a move on, they are asking you to hurry up.

You'd better get a move on or you'll miss the bus! Get out of hand If a person or a situation gets out of hand, they cannot be controlled any longer. Get the show on the If you manage to put a plan or idea into action, road you get the show on the road. We've got all we need, so let's get the show on the road! Give it a rest!

If someone tells you to give it a rest, they are asking you to stop doing something such as complaining or talking continuously. All you talk about is politics - give it a rest Give someone a hard If you give someone a hard time, you annoy them time or make things difficult for them. Susan says the pupils in her new school are giving her a hard time.

I'm trying to contact the manager, but every time I call the firm I'm given the run-around. Bill can be difficult to work with; he constantly goes against the tide. If you announce that you're going to drop out of school, your parents will go bananas! Go to extremes People who go to extremes behave in a way which lacks moderation. My parents tend to go to extremes. They live on a tight budget and then they go on expensive holidays. Go hand in hand If two or more things go hand in hand, they are associated or often happen at the same time. Song song Ex: In big cities poverty and violence often go hand in hand.

Given the unstable environment, it's a miracle sai that none of their children ever went off the rails. If the new road bypasses the town, a lot of shops will go out of business. Go the whole hog When you go the whole hog, you do something thoroughly or completely. They put up a few decorations for Christmas, then they decided to go the whole hog and buy a tree and all the trimmings.

When travelling abroad, the golden rule is to respect the local customs. Gone with the wind If something has gone with the wind, it has disappeared forever. I lost everything during the crisis. Green light If you give or get the green light, you give or get a signal or permission to do something. We're ready to launch the campaign as soon as weget the green light. Prepare the ground To prepare the ground means that you try to make it easier for a future event or action to happen.

You had better go now or you will be late for class. My uncle is a hale and hearty fellow who never gets sick. Getting them to come to the meeting will be half the battle. She plans to hand down her jewelry to her daughter. Just hang loose for another few days. The new promotion plan is home free. I if worst comes to If the worst scenario occurs worst Trong Ex: If worst comes to worst we must cancel our vacation. He is always in a fog and never seems to know what is going on. He really is in a hole now that he has problems at work.

He will be in a spot if he cannot pass the entrance exams. In a word, I think that you need to study more. They bought the tickets in advance so that they could get good seats. They are really in deep with each other. These days the amount of oil is in short supply. The new paints are in stock. Everything is in the bag.

There is nothing to worry about. The company lost money but should be okay in the gian long run. The company has been in the red since last year. The new line of products is in the works. That guy is a jack-of-all-trades. We need to jazz up this boring room. For no reason, he began to jump all over me jump at Quickly accept Ex: She knew that he would jump at the chance to go to Japan.

The boss would jump on him for even a small mistake. I waited just about one hour for her to come. She always makes sure that her hair is just sobefore she goes out. You should keep a secret about your new job. You should keep after her to do her homework. Keep an eye on my bicycle while I order some coffee. He has decided to keep at his studies at the university.

She used to keep books for a small company. The students were told to keep down the noise. She likes to keep house more than working for a company. I have always tried to keep in touch with my friends. She was very angry and told him to keep his mouth shut. He has been managing to keep his nose cleansince he moved to the new town. She never can keep her word. It was difficult to keep pace with the other students. The man in the movie was a lady killer. He is a lady's man and always seems to have a lot of women interested in him.

You need to be more laid back. He has been laid up for a few days because of a cold. I usually put off writing my papers until the last minute. If you luck out in Las Vegas, you can make a lot of money. He began to lash out at the man who was sitting next to him. M made a hit was popular Ex: Her cake made a hit at the party. He could make a bundle on the stock market this year. We decided to make a day of it at the park. It does not seem to make a difference if we talk or not.

He is trying to make a go of the business even though he is losing money. You can make a killing in Las Vegas. You cannot make a living at your present job. Try not to make a mountain out of a molehill. She is trying to make a name for herself in the field of literature. I think that she will make a run for it as soon as the class finished. Try not to make waves around the office. N neck and neck nearly equal Ngang nhau Ex: The two teams were neck and neck in the game. He has a good nest egg in the bank. It sure is nice out today. Trying to work at two jobs is no bed of roses.

He almost bought the car but in the end the sale was no deal. There appears to be no end to this project. I think that she will be a no show. Since he stayed up all night, it is no wonder that he is tired. O odds and ends Various items Ex: We made games for the students using odds and ends from around the house. The plans for the party were off again, on again.

It has been raining off and on since this morning. He was really off base on his estimate of the budget. He likes to tell off color jokes at work. I wish he would stay off my back. He is off the hook now that they realized it was not his mistake. Her job has become old hat. Are you on a diet or something? She decided to buy the table on credit. He has been on easy street since he sold his business. She has been on his back all week to get a new sau job. The mistakes made in the department were on vai his shoulders. I think that she spilled the drink on purpose. He is really on the ball.

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The office building is on the block. He has been on the go since early this morning. She is intelligent but on the other hand she is very lazy. We go to that restaurant once in a while to eat Japanese food. Yeah, but it was out of control. I hope that your plans to go back to school pan out. The old leader is expected to pass away soon.

She tries to pass on her old clothes to her younger sister. She is going to pass out if she drinks any more sake. You should pay attention to what the teacher is saying. The homeowner was able to pay off the loan early. The business plan began to pay off and the profits of the company increased.

The company tried to pay off the politician. What time do you want me to pick you up? It is my turn to pop for the doughnuts. Yeah, I usually put off doing homework until the last minute. You should give up trying to put the moves on her. This car was really a rip off. We have had a rough time this winter. The company has been in red ink from the beginning. The boss decided to ream him out for his bad report. The politician ran out of gas during the campaign.

S saddled with burdened with debt debt Ex: The company has been saddled with debt. The manager was able to save face when he showed that the loss of money was outside of his control. You should save your breath because I do not believe you anyway. He quit the company during the scandal in order tosave his skin. Do not screw around at work. If you screw up one more time, I will fire you. I am kind of short on funds now. Everyone shot down my idea. Don't get so steamed up over the issue.

T take a back seat accept a lower position Ex: I had to take a back seat for the benefit of the company. The President decided to take a stand on the tax issue. We plan to take a trip to Japan in July. Take advantage of the beautiful weather and go to the beach. He had to take back what he said about his boss. You should take care of your health.

She had to take care of the paperwork. Please take down many notes during the lecture. The company is expected to take on more employees next year. The larger bank is expected to take over the smaller bank. I'm going to take roll now. The owner needed more money and decided totake the company public. He is really a team player.

He knows the manager so he has the inside trackfor getting the new job. The new product is not selling as well as expected and has put the company in a tight spot. The new product turnover has been incredible. I am going to try to move on Joan next Saturday. She was an ugly duckling when she was a child. He has been under a cloud since he lost his job.

The detective went under cover to look for the drug dealers. He found his wallet under his nose. He is only a salesman but he has his boss under his thumb. He took the new employee under his wing. He paid some money under the table in order to get his product exported into the country. He was up front about the condition of the car. The union members have the upper hand in the negotiations. They had to use up the paper before ordering more. The election results showed the governor wasvoted down. W walk all over control and take advantage of Ex: She is always trying to walk all over him.

Someone tried to walk away with the office computer. She could easily warm up to the new student. Do not waste your breath trying to change her mind. I think you should watch it if you travel to that city. The teacher told him to watch his P's and Q's. The vacation plans will depend on which way the wind blows. Try not to wear down the employees with a long speech. The upcoming college entrance exam began toweigh on her.

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You should weigh your words before you tell her. The owner of the restaurant is certainly well-off. She really wants to know what's up. Hey, what's with the manager today. She likes to work out at the gym. They needed to work out the plans of the new product. They were able to write off the money spent on entertainment. It is hard to tell what's what at an auction.

Z zero balance no money was owed My credit card statement showed azero balance. The cheapest is the dearest 1. Blood is much thicker than water. Laugh and grow fat. Makes hay while sunshines. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Stronger by rice, daring by money. Easy come, easy goes. Easier said than done. The empty vessel makes greatest sound. Misfortunes never comes in singly. Affections blind reasons. Love is Blind. For mad words, deaf ears. Handsome is as handsome does Beauty in the eye of the beholder. So much to do, so little get done.

Easy come, easy go: Seeing is believing: Easier said than done: One swallow does not make a summer: Time and tide wait for no man: Grasp all, lose all: Let bygones be bygones: Hand some is as handsome does: When in Rome, do as the Romes does: Clothes does not make a man: A good name is better than riches: Call a spade a spade: Cut your coat according your clothes: Bad news has wings: Doing nothing is doing ill: A miss is as good as a mile: Empty vessels make a greatest sound: A good name is sooner lost than won: A friend in need is a friend indeed: Each bird loves to hear himself sing: Habit cures habit: Honesty is best policy: Great minds think alike: Go while the going is good: I adore my little niece.

That boy Jack is a bad influence on my son, Timmy. This test is so easy. Marco has all the power in the office, he makes all the decisions around here and everyone is very polite towards him. Answers 1. I never get on with Fiona. What does the following mean? When Tony moved into his apartment in the heart of town, which part of town did he move to? We talked to each other all night and resolved some of our problems. Answer 1, c — heartache — if you feel a sense of sadness, sorrow or regret, you can say your heart aches.

Exercise 1: Read the definitions below of some idioms. For each definition. Two of the expressions a- c have been invented, but one is the correct idiom. Can you identify it? Wake up at the end of the film b. Cung khai. Declaration, statement, testimony: Fully stretched, fully strained, tense: It's very stressful to live with them. Relations between the two countries are so p strained that Stress-related illness. Atmospheric pressure. Economic pressure.

Family pressure. To be free from any military pressure. Pressure group. To put pressure on somebody; to bring pressure to bear on somebody. To pressurize.

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Blood pressure under skin. Ap luc mau duoi da. Under the pressure of public opinion.

To bring pressure to bear upon somebody. To write hastily and under pressure. To work under pres. To strike terror into the people. Do violence to something. Mind violence. Wickedly cruel: Nazist troops" wickedly cruel and savage deeds in the Second World War. Clash between generations. Conflict of authority. Mind conflict. The crowd concentrated in the square. This is where all outpatients have been gathered together. Concentrate on your work!. I can't concentrate with all that noise! To focus on something.

The seminar focussed on unemployment in big cities. I can't concentrate on my studies with all that noise going on. Having failed my French exams, I decided to concentrate on science subjects. The government's plan is to concentrate new industries in areas of high unemployment. Of two minds: To divert somebody. This road is both slippery and sinuous. Don't divert the driver! Having two opinions, mixed feelings.

Speaking of abortion, I'm of two minds. Pro choice and pro life. Thought, thinking: She has a lower middle-class mentality. Contemporary political thought. To translate ideas into actions. Ta hoi cu dan cua nha nuoc the gioi song hanh, kieu bao nguoi viet nam o hai ngoai, cu dan vietnam, cac vi nghi sao ve cong chuc nha nuoc giau giem, che day, van de nay hong khong cho ai biet.

Ta hoi cu dan cua nha nuoc the gioi song hanh, kieu bao nguoi viet nam o hai ngoai, cu dan vietnam, cac vi nghi sao ve cong chuc nha nuoc pha hong tai lieu, nguy tao giay to, lam gia ho so, hong khong cho ai dieu tra ra. Ta hoi cu dan cua nha nuoc the gioi song hanh, kieu bao nguoi viet nam o hai ngoai, cu dan vietnam, cac vi nghi cach gi de giau ke thu hai biet dieu khong the noi ra, dieu khong the tho lo, dieu o trong long, tinh cam cua chinh minh,..

Ta hoi cu dan cua nha nuoc the gioi song hanh, kieu bao nguoi viet nam o hai ngoai, cu dan vietnam, ke tu khi ta ve nuoc cho den nay, vi sao khong co can bo cong vien chuc nha nuoc den gap ta. Ta hoi cu dan cua nha nuoc the gioi song hanh, kieu bao nguoi viet nam o hai ngoai, cu dan vietnam, cac vi kiem tra tri nho, ke tu khi ta ve nuoc cho den nay co vi nguyen thu quoc gia nao den dia chi Nguyen Dinh Chinh, F08, Quan Phu Nhuan, Tp.

Hcm, Vietnam gap ta khong. Ta noi khong noi doi voi trieu nguoi Viet ve truong hop ta, van de o ben trong oc ta, o trong dau ta, o trong bung ta, tu nam den nay. Ta hoi cu dan cua nha nuoc the gioi song hanh, kieu bao nguoi viet nam o hai ngoai, cu dan vietnam, vi nao ten la Tran Dai Quang o trong dau cua ta co nhin thay linh hon cua ong Tran Dai Quang nhap vao than the cua ta khong.

Cac vi co biet linh hon ong Tran Dai Quang nhap vao than the ta khong. Ta hoi cu dan cua nha nuoc the gioi song hanh, kieu bao nguoi viet nam o hai ngoai, cu dan vietnam, vi sao nhung noi tiep nhan thong tin SOS cua ta o trong nuoc im lang. Ta hoi cu dan cua nha nuoc the gioi song hanh, kieu bao nguoi viet nam o hai ngoai, cu dan vietnam, cac vi co biet sao chinh quyen treo bang ron ghi dong chu duoi day o cac duong pho Saigon. Dan giau, nuoc manh, xa hoi, cong bang, dan chu, van minh. Doan ket, dai doan ket, thanh cong, dai thanh cong.

Ta nghe dai radios, ta nghe tieng nguoi, ta khong thay nguoi, ta thay chiec radio cassette, vi sao ta co moi quan he voi nhung nguoi phat ra tieng noi trong chiec radio cassette. Ta xem TV, ta thay nguoi, ta nghe tieng nguoi, ta nghe tieng dong vat, am thanh, tieng on, canh quanh, To be vigilant over the enemy sabotage scheme. To be watchful over one's own wrong thinking.

To heighten revolutionary vigilance. Under the vigilant eye of the examiner. This conference aims at disclosing the invaders' crimes. Reveal, discover, find out, detect, disclose, lay bare: To discover, to uncover, to detect: To discover many brass arrow-heads at Coloa. He knew her by her voice. Khi cac vi phat hien ra chiec cameras cac vi nghi gi. Viet ngu la quoc te ngu, co phai khong. Cac vi co biet ben ngoai trai dat co bao nhieu ngon ngu.

Ta hoi cu dan cua nha nuoc the gioi song hanh, kieu bao nguoi viet nam o hai ngoai, cu dan vietnam, cac vi nghe o ben trong dau cua ta, cac vi co nhan biet giong noi cua nhung vi khac phat ra tu dau khong, am thanh do phat ra tu dau khong, cac vi co nhan biet nguoi nha, moi quan he cua cac vi qua giong noi khong. Cac vi co biet chong, vo cua cac vi ngoai tinh, gian dam, thong dam, Cac vi co biet ai la nguoi quan tam den cac vi nhieu nhat, yeu thuong cac vi, truoc luc lam chung cac vi nghi ve ai, nam o benh vien mot minh cac vi nho ai, cac vi gap hoa, cac vi nghi den ai.

Nuoc may co bao nhieu he thong. Bad habit, vice: It is very hard to give up one's own bad habits. To have every possible vice. To promote one's ability. He hasn't got the ability for it. The work is well within his capacity. I have never doubted your ability. To the best of one's ability.

Cai tri nhung quoc gia doc lap the nao. Panic seized us. Everyone has a body. The body of a plane, ship. Ta an xin o Thailand bao nhieu thang. Moi ngay ta ngu bao nhieu tieng, ta giam can bao nhieu kg.

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Ta di du lich ta dem theo ben minh bao nhieu tien, ta tieu sai bao nhieu tien. Ta dem theo bao nhieu the ghi no, the tin dung. Cac vi nho xem ke nao su dung tai khoan the tin dung ngan hang HSBC cua ta mua sam tai Myanmar khong. Nhung ke nao ep buoc ta, bat ta phai lam theo y cua han, vi nao nho viet ra. Soldiers are trained to obey without question.

I don't know whether she was content with her job as a typist. I felt satisfied after my big meal. You've broken my watch. Now are you satisfied? Comply with a request to To be agreeable to lend someone a book, to agree to lend someone a book. Not satisfied with the achievements recorded. To be agreeable to someone's proposal. To consent to a plan. He gave his consent for the project to get under way. She made the proposal and I readily consented to it. Sex between consenting adults. The drawer had been emptied of its contents. Mailbox mail box , postbox, post: Post-office box: Phone-in, call-in: Private letter box: Suggestions box: E-mail box: In e-mail applications, an outbox is the default mailbox where the program stores outgoing messages.

Secret letter-box: Dialog box: When the user wants to print a document, the system will display a dialog box containing controls that represent various options. Ngay hom nay chung ta viet nen mot trang su moi cho ban dao Balkan. Nhung thu ghet, cam gian xuat phat tu chu nghia dan toc, tranh chap va xung dot se duoc thay the boi tinh ban, hoa binh va hop tac. Thu Tuong Hilap Alexis Tsipras. Hochiminh, benh vien tim tam duc de kham benh khong. Co vi noi may bi stress. Co vi noi vi sao may khong biet quyen luc. Co vi noi no giet linh hon may.

Co vi noi may con hai, ba phan hon. Co vi noi tat ca cong vien chuc Vietnam ra nuoc ngoai hay can than. Co vi noi nguoi Viet ra nuoc ngoai Trung Quoc quan ly. Co vi noi khong biet la ngu. Y cua ho noi ta khong biet la ngu. Co vi noi con nguoi khong biet la ngu, ke khac noi toan bo nhan loai Co vi noi dung viet gi het, de cho bon chung tra tien. Co vi noi dung viet gi het, de bon chung lam an. Co vi noi ho muon cho tat ca lanh dao biet, chu khong cho nhung ten can ba biet.

Co vi noi toan la nhung cau noi ngu. Co vi noi Truong Tan Sang roi khoi nao no bang cach tu sat. Co vi noi tat ca roi khoi nao no bang cach tu sat. Co vi noi phai dang bao. Co vi noi tai san Hochiminh gom co gi. Co vi noi trieu dan ngoai may ra, nguoi nao noi doc lap se bi giet chet.

Co vi noi may dung co viet ra, de cho bon chung no nghe viet ra. Co vi noi cua Campuchia. Co vi noi ho da len ke hoach tu truoc. Co vi noi Hochiminh va Bao Dai sai roi. Co vi noi vi sao nuoc may giau het thong tin cua may. Co vi noi vi sao nuoc may khong dang bao chi. Co vi noi tu hinh Nguyen Thi Quyet Tam. Co vi noi tu hinh Nguyen Phu Trong. Co vi noi Vietnam la cua Han Quoc. Co vi noi tat ca hoi dong nhan dan cac cap deu phai lock, do phu chu tich nuoc yeu cau, de cho may biet quyen luc la nhu the nao.

Co vi noi nha nuoc cong san giet Vua nguoi Viet. Co vi noi do ong Nguyen Tan Dung bat cha me may Co vi noi dung viet nhung ten suc vat do, bon chung no bao ve bon giet nguoi Co vi noi ho chi ra trieu dolla Mi de lam ro van de nay. Co vi noi trong hai nam toi ta se bi mo 1 mat, khong co tinh trung, Co vi noi Loai Vietnam ra khoi khoi cong dong Asean, Vietnam khong con la thanh vien cua Lien Hiep Quoc, Vietnam khong con la thanh vien cua quoc te cong san.

Co vi noi Nguyen Van Giau dem thiet bi tu nuoc ngoai ve. Co vi noi tat ca kieu bao Mi khong co quyen cong dan o Vietnam. Overseas compatriots: Overseas national: Co vi noi tim ngay ho so nuoc Mi trong nuoc may. Co vi noi Dang bo Thanh pho Ho chi minh thang nao thang nay chay tron het roi.

Co vi noi bon chung dang tim cach dua ta vao tu. Co vi noi Le Hong Anh ky quyet dinh dua ta vao tu. Co vi noi chu de cua Lien Hiep Quoc. Co vi noi may hay chu y tung nguoi nha cua may di, ho se thuc hien tung nguoi mot day. Cong san mien bac noi ve sau nay gia dinh may se cuop nha cua may. Khi ta o Thaland, ben trong dau cua ta, co vi noi ta phai vao dang quan doi, neu khong se mang sung sang Thailand ban ta. Co vi noi Dang phai truoc tien.

Co vi noi may la duoc chon phai la nguoi mien bac, vi mien bac la trung tam chinh tri van hoa, mien nam la kinh te. Vi khac noi no mua chuoc tat ca cac nganh nghe cua nuoc may roi.

Co vi noi ten Duong Trung Quoc la ten giet Vua. Co vi noi viet ten Jack Ma vao. Co vi noi trang sau thang Le Hong Anh choi may duoc roi. Co vi noi thang cho do la Johny Tri Nguyen no tra tan may lien tuc. Co vi noi la tro choi giet nguoi cua nguoi Mi va cong dan Viet. Co vi noi thang kieu bao Thailand no lanh dao cac nha nuoc trong nuoc. Co vi noi may giong can benh cua Stephen Hawking ve Anh Quoc tiem hai mui tiem, tu sat. Co vi noi Nguyen Xuan Phuc chinh la thang giet vua mguoi viet. Co vi noi chinh con Hai Nguyen la con dau tien dem thiet bi tu Malay ve.

Co vi noi thang Nguyen Van Giau phai tu hinh. Co vi noi Bo ngoai giao Vietnam la Bo suc vat, cong san la thang suc vat. Co vi noi bon chung lap danh sach gia dinh may toan la toi pham, pham toi buon ban ma tuy, heroin, bi phat 22 nam tu tai cac nuoc Dong Nam A. Co vi noi nuoc may, dan may da doc lap, tu do, hanh phuc chua. Ke o trong dau ta noi may phi bang Vietnam. Co vi noi loi bon cong an dem ra xu ban het di. Co vi noi nuoc may mo cua ngoai giao, giet vua giet dan. Co vi noi ho chan het thong tin cua may o trong nuoc va ngoai nuoc.

Co vi noi ho khong lam viec cho dan dau. Co vi noi gia dinh ong Nguyen Tan Dung giet may. Co vi noi dap an la chien tranh Vietnam - Vietnam War. Co vi noi nuoc may co hop hong thi chinh quyen phai tu sat, khong phai may. Co vi noi cac lanh dao tren the gioi ho tan sat lan nhau ve dao duc. Co vi noi ong Barack Omama va co con gai ut co trong dau may.

Co vi noi thang Nguyen Van An lock het eamails cua may roi. Co vi noi cong san cung phai tu hinh. Co vi noi thang Nguyen Duc Chinh khet tieng giet Vua chua. Sau khi ta nhan tien boi thuong cua ai do Khi ta o Thailand , ben trong dau cua ta, co vi noi thon tinh gia dinh, gia phaay , Co vi lay danh sach gia dinh ta gui den Cao uy Lien Hiep Quoc.

Co vi noi gia dinh may phai di cu. To annex: Takeover and merger: A will be a valuable acquisition to the teaching staff of our school. Manner of expressing oneself. Directions for use. The old learn their own way, the young theirs. To break convention and create a new genre.. To be separated. The two houses are separated by a wall. To be distant, to be away. Cotton and wool are insulating materials. Remote, distant, far from.

Reduce an officer to the ranks. To change, to alter, to reform, to correct: To plait in relief, to embroider in relief. Give up evil to follow virtue. To turn a new leaf, to mend one's ways, correct oneself and follow the right path, amendment. To change old age and restore youth, to rejuvenate, make an old person look younger. To raise from the dead, revive, resuscitate. Restore life. The banks haven't come up with any new ideas. The banks haven't innovated for years.

To reform the procedure. To transform, to improve, to remould, to re-educate: To improve impoverished soil. To transform. To transform the economy. Socialist transformation and socialist construction are two inseparable aspects of the socialist revolution. To re-educate. Labour re-educates man. Ideological re-education. To modify, to reform: There are still one or two places where the text needs modification.

To undergo great hardship, suffering, privation. To undergo major surgery, reform, repair. To tolerate heat, noise, pain How can you tolerate that awful woman? The body cannot tolerate such large amounts of radiation. To stand: The house could stand the blast of bombs and bullets. To sit down under a stream of abuse. To make a stand against the enemy. This house will stand another score of year. This small house has stood through worse storms.

To withstand a siege. Everyone listened to me in silence. Spiteful remarks silenced him completely. To give somebody the silent treatment. To buy somebody's silence. To pay somebody hush-money. To buy the silence of a witness. To silence the best debaters. Ta hoi cu dan cua nha nuoc the gioi song hanh, kieu bao nguoi viet nam o hai ngoai, cu dan vietnam, vi nao nho passwords emails cua ta, passwords facebook cua ta, mat khau may tinh Macbookpro, IMAC cua ta, mat khau cua buc tuong lua may tinh Macbookpro, IMAC cua ta, cac vi nho viet ra giay.

Hinh anh gi hien ra trong tam tri ta khi ta nghi den buc tuong bien gioi, cac vi nho ve ra giay. Su sach Vietnam co ghi lai y nghi, hanh vi, hanh dong cua de quoc xam luoc khong. Su sach Vietnam co ghi lai y nghi, hanh vi, hanh dong cua de quoc chu nghia khong. Su sach Vietnam co ghi lai nguoi viet tri nguoi viet the nao khong, nguoi viet chong doi nguoi viet nhu the nao khong, nguoi viet danh nguoi viet the nao khong. Roman Empire. To hear: Hear me out.

To listen. To listen with both ears. To obey. I like she has to obeys. Feel, sence. Don't feel well, I feel bad consent, agree. I wouldn't hear of it. Mum, I'm going now. We hear things with our ears. Our ears give us a sense of hearing. He doesn't hear well. To hear a lecture. Don't go out in the rain - do you hear me! You'd better hear what he is saying.

To hear the witnesses. Which judge will hear the case? Have you heard the news? I hear that he has caught cold for three days.

Người tình của Ngô Tú Ba sở hữu bộ sưu tập đồng hồ kim cương đắt đỏ, đi du lịch bằng phi cơ riêng.

To hear someone out. To hear from somebody. Have you ever heard of that hotel? She disappeared and was never heard of again. I have never heard of such a thing! I have only just heard about his resignation from office. Out of hearing: To give somebody a fair hearing: To meet: To meet someone at the station: He met his reward: To meet with.

Welcome to Vietnam! Welcome on board! An interview. Between a job applicicant and the director. To interview job applicants. To interview a tourist after his trip to Vietnam. She's taken a new lover. Host and guest. Astonishingly, the four guests spoke the same language. The bus stopped to pick up passengers.

A well patronized shop. Uninvited guest, gatecrasher: Hotel, inn: Count, reckon: Return of casualties; casualty list. At the latest count there were dead. It took several days to count the victims of the air crash. Statistics show that employees in clothing and textile industries were predominantly women. An exquisite painting. Exquisite workmanship. An exquisite piece of lace. Cook Cosmos. Nau vu tru. Nguyen tac con nguoi la tieu vu tru trong dai vu tru. Man is a microcosm of the whole of mankind.

This small island contains the whole of nature in microcosm. A calculator is a machine that solves math problems. Electronic calculator. Pocket calculators weren't available then computer. The latest computer system. Computer-aided design. Computer-to-computer connection.

Computer crime. Computer criminal. A computer is an eectronic machine that stores and handles large amounts of data. You are using a computer right now. Big iron, large-scale computer, mainframe computer, number cruncher, supercomputer, superscale computer. Encephalogram, electroencephalogram EEG. Phep ghi dien nao. The technique for recording the electrical activity from different parts of the brain and converting it into a tracing called an electroencephalogram EEG.

The machine that records this activity is known as an encephalogram. The pattern of the EEG reflects the state of the patient's brain and his level of consciousness in a characteristic manner. Electroencephalogram is used to detect and locate structural disease, such as tumours, in the brain. It is also used in the diagnosis and management of epilepsy. Phep ghi dien nao, ky thuat ghi hoat dong cua dien cua cac phan nao va chuyen thanh bieu do goi la dien nao do EEG. Thiet bi ghi nhung hoat dong nay goi la dien nao ki. Dien nao do phan anh trang thai nao va muc do nhan thuc cua benh nhan theo mot cach dac biet.

Phep ghi dien nao dung phat hien va dinh vi benh cau truc trong nao, thi du cac khoi u, cung dung chuan doan va xu ly dong kinh. To have a spirit of adventure. To have a good sense of humour. Brain wave. Brain accident cerebral. Tiem thuc, trong phan tam hoc, phan tam tri phat trien tu kinh nghiem cua mot nguoi ve the gioi ben ngoai va tiep xuc nhieu nhat voi cac ngoai thuc the.

Diplomatic memorandum: Official correspondence: To be in correspondence with someone. To enter into correspondence with someone. Switchboard, telephone exchange, central. Who was on duty at the switchboard last night? Who was the operator last night? It is not necessary to go through the switchboard. Person-to-person call. To take notes: To operate, to dissect, to anatomise: Quan su Hanh quan.

Brain, intellect: Ke vao buoc vao tri oc ta hoi nao ta khong biet, ke do mo lop day hoc, co nhieu hoc vien cua ke do. See no evil, hear no evil, Speak no evil. Pure, bright: Tu hinh, bi ket an tu hinh. In the United States, the death penalty is authorized by hanging, electrocution, gas chamber, firing squad only in Utah , or lethal injection Co vi noi ho biet truoc ngay, gio ta qua doi.

Co vi noi Pham Phuong Thao bi tu hinh. Co vi noi Truong Tan Sang tron dau cho khoi cac nganh nghe. Co vi noi may bi khung, pha cac trang web. Co vi nghi, dat nuoc may se noi may bi khung. Co vi noi Co vi noi cac nha nuoc can cu vao giay to cua chinh quyen. Co vi noi ong Truong Vinh Trong giau het thomg tin cua may khong cho bat ky dang vien nao biet het. Co vi noi, xong vu viec nay ong Dung den nha may lay sung ban chet may.

Co vi noi, xong vu viec nay ho se tra dua tung van de mot. Co vi noi ho dang day hoc cho ke khac. Co vi noi Phan Van Khai chet do tu sat. Co vi noi cac Bo Truong cua cac bo nganh tu chuc vu deu lien quan den ta. Cong chua nuoc Laos tang ta thanh kiem de chat dau cong san. Co vi noi ho khong phai la vi tien, ho khong muon cho ai roi khoi ho.

Co vi noi nguoi viet khong duoc doc lap, doc lap se bi giet chet. Co vi noi gia dinh thang Nguyen Van Giau no ban nha roi khoi govap Co vi noi ho yeu cau tha bo me may o Duc - German ra. Khi ta ve nuoc, co vi noi, o nha, khong roi khoi nha met, ba thang sau bo me may o Mi sang Vietnam don may ve. Co vi noi, dung cho ai biet cha me ruot may o dau, ho se bien cha me ruot may giong nhu may day. Co vi noi thang Vo Van Thuong no chay tron di dau roi. Co vi noi thang Duong Trung Quoc no giet may khong duoc Co vi noi Nguyen Quan khong phai la lanh dao, la bon pha nuoc Co vi noi Truong Vinh Trong no o Quan khu Co vi noi thang Nguyen Tan Dung phai tu hinh, do chinh phu Mi noi.

Co vi noi ho lam giay to mang ten cac thanh vien trong gia dinh ta o nuoc ngoai. Co vi noi sinh vien cua truong Swiss Hotel Managerment School se giong may. Co vi noi Nguyen Thanh Tai cung cap danh ba dien thoai cua so cho Co vi noi chinh thang Ngo Bao Chau tron o dau do trong nuoc may, no choi may lien tuc. Co vi noi nuoc may giet Vua theo Mi, khong cho ai biet, do la dap an. Co vi noi ca nuoc Mi muon nuoc may khong cho ai biet. Co vi noi thang Hoang Trung Hai no tron khoi nuoc Uc roi. Co vi noi ta bi ung thu kinh mach, suy tim, dan den chay mau nao.

Co vi noi vi sao dat nuoc may khong giup do cho may. Co vi noi dat nuoc may chi co may cach mang. Ke nay o ben trong dau ta noi nhu vay, may da doc lap tu do, khong co ai xam luoc may. Ta noi doc lap, ke trong ta noi ta phan quoc, phan dong. Co vi noi da biet ta ung thu nao, tra tan ta lien tuc, ung thu tim tra tan ta lien tuc. Ke vao ben trong nao tu khi nao ta khong biet, noi muon dat nuoc monh doc lap Co vi noi bon chung o Hang chau, Thuong Hai, Trung Quoc. Co vi noi chinh thang Nguyen Tan Dung no giam cam bo me may.

Co vi noi vi sao bo me ruot may bi bat giam. Co vi noi Ngo Bao Chau di tu. Nguyen Quan noi ban chet bon kieu Mi va cong an quan Thu duc. Co vi noi thang Dam Vinh Hung di tu muc xuong. Co vi noi tat ca deu phai boi thuong Co vi noi nguoi nha cua Hochiminh cuop tai san gia dinh may. Co vi noi thang Truong Trinh tiep tuc hai chet cha me may day. Co vi noi, loi ta noi duoc dich sang thu tieng. Co vi noi dat nuoc may se co ke hoach voi may trong tuong lai.

Co vi noi do la thiet bi giet chet gia dinh may, ca mot dan toc may, cu nguoi nay chet di, roi lai tiep nguoi khac Co vi noi nha nuoc may se hai chet cha me may trong tuong lai. Co vi noi giet Vua duoc cac nha nuoc cong nhan. Co vi noi tap doan vien thomg viettel pha san di.

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Co vi noi Truong Vinh Trong cam thiet bi giet nguoi. Neu vi nao im lang lang nghe o trong dau ta, tung nguoi mot den gap ta noi gi ve ta, va gia dinn ta, dat nuoc, Cac vi da chung kien thay hai quyen sach do muc nat hoac am moc, moi mot an sach trong nha ta chua. Cac vi co ton sung, ton kinh ky uc cua nhan vat Hochiminh khong. Viec nghe, nhin, noi, nghi, viet, doc, nho, nem, ngui, so, cam nhan, cam giac, cam xuc, nhan biet, hieu, biet, nhan thuc, xu ly, giac chiem bao, Kangaroos are indigenous to Australia. In water. Is this substance soluble in water?. Is this a water-soluble substance?

To mobilise to the highest degree the material and moral strength of all Vietnamese at home and abroad. Home is where you live. To be feel quite at home. To be at home in a subject. A home from home. Not at home: Foreign country, Abroad: He has long lived in France, but always regards President Ho Chi Minh as an image of his homeland and a source of encouragement for his solitary life in a foreign country. Overseas job opportunities. Job opportunities abroad. Foreign, overseas. Overseas wmarket. A former French colony. The 13 colonies that seceded from Great Britain and fought the War of Independence became the 13 original states.

To colonize Africa and parts of Asia and the Pacific. Colonial peoples. Colonial policy. The British lost their North American colonies in , but Great Britain remained an important colonial power colonialism. Colonialism has been the subject of intense moral and political controversy. Le Paria. To oppress: To oppress the ethnic minorities. The oppressed nations.

The oppressor and the oppressed. Class oppression. To play someone down: An n ignominious behaviour. An ignominious defeat. An ignoble action. To maltreat, to ill-treat: To liberate, to free: National liberation. Land reform and women's emancipation decrees. The man in the street, the public, the people, the populace, the masses, the many, folks: To bring culture to the masses. Folks are counting on us! Public awareness of the problem has increased. It's difficult to know what the grassroots reaction will be.

The mob: We must not forget about the grassroots. Ruling yoke. The yoke of slavery. The colonialist yoke. To put a yoke on a buffalo. Ta tim kiem thong tin gi o Han Quoc. Sau khi ta xem let's beauty show on TV, ta nghi gi. Co phai chuong trinh phep mau tham my - let's beauty ta rat thich thu xem canh nhung thi sinh lot xac, nhung thi sinh tai sinh va ngam nhin ho that lau khong. Ta nhin ho nau an, ta co lam duoc giong nhu ho khong. Trong qua khu ta da tung tham gia khoa hoc nau an bao gio chua. Ta co biet tu nau an cho minh va nau an cho nguoi khac khong. To record: Re-enter, register, restore, rewrite, write-back.

To study, to learn, to read: Have you ever studied under her?. How long have you been taking English lessons?. How long have you been learning English? To learn how to repair motorcycles. To change one's look: To reprocess: To recycle: To recycle newspaper. When items are recycled, they are re-used. For example, used paper can be recycled into new paper. Every day, all over the world, people drop cans, boxes, paper, and bottles into bins and never think about them again. And the rubbish mountains get bigger and bigger. But there is another way — a way that makes old paper into houses, broken bottles into jewellery, and old cans into bridges.

Anyone can recycle — it's easy, it saves money, and it's a way to say, 'I care about the Earth. A regenerate society. To regenerate damaged organs or tissues. To be feet indignant at something. To arouse somebody's indignation. To treat somebody with indignity. The wrath of God. To set fire to something. They were in a state of exhaustion after climbing the mountain.