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After everything is setup users can start saving and syncing files in a manner of ways. Through File Station on the DiskStation, they can take the file they want to work on and drag it into the Cloud Station folder. Once there it will sync up wherever Cloud Station has been setup. Users can modify the file on their device of choice and save it and it will sync back up with all other connected devices. Creating a new file and syncing it is also easy.

Create it as you normally would and either save it in a Cloud Station folder or in another location and drag and drop it. There are also free mobile apps than can be used on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. As long as there is an Internet connection files can be synced regardless of location, and even without a connection files can be modified and synced when a connection is found. Administrators have control over who can access what, which files are to be synced, logs of who is accessing files, and Cloud Station saves up to 32 versions of any given file making easy restoration possible.

If capacity becomes an issue files can be synced between two NAS devices. And Cloud Station offers encryption to keep critical files safe. Setup takes a few minutes and one can start using it.

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The more familiar one is with DSM the easier it is to use. The mobile app was a little more difficult as everything is even further compressed. But again, poking and prodding the app for a bit made it tell me all its secrets and it was just as easy to use as the desktop.

For me, it was just as easy to use as Dropbox once I got going without the capacity limit or monthly fee. Synology Cloud Station is an application that allows users to sync files across multiple platforms wherever there is an Internet connection. And best of all it is free with the purchase of any Synology NAS device.

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Synology - Cloud Station Setup Tutorial- For Mac and PC

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What Does Cloud Station Do?

DigitalOcean Launches Managed Databases. Cisco Announces 2Q19 Earnings. Veeam Announces FY Results. Home Lab Deep Dive: View Mobile Website. Geofence syncing is also a nice feature to just make sure I'm always up to date when I arrive at home or work. It always drove me nuts to be required to open the Dropbox iOS app so that it would know to sync my files.

Synology Drive vs Cloud Station

DS Cloud is not a step backward. Files in DS Cloud are available for editing and sharing regardless of connectivity. The only dependency on the Synology NAS is for syncing across devices. This provides a way to capture to my iPhone anytime or place and only worry about syncing when I'm back on a network connection. Working with files is surprisingly easy in DS Cloud. It's very simple to get files out using familiar sharing methods in iOS 8.

All can be previewed directly in DS Cloud. Videos can be played, images viewed at full resolution and there's pretty good PDF annotation and viewing built right in. All without ever leaving DS Cloud. Perhaps one of the best features of DS Cloud is its integration with other document providers in iOS 8. Of course, it supports receiving files from other apps through sharing extensions, but I can also pull files directly from any number of other file sources, like Dropbox or iCloud.

There are always going to be questions of performance. Self-hosting has benefits but it also means the buck stops with you. Your home network connections are likely to be the primary bottlenecks, so be warned: You only have yourself and your cable provider to blame.

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I like Cloud Sync because it means my files are secured in ways that are less opaque. When Slack had their recent security breach , I enabled two factor authentication on all of my accounts. During the process, they create 10 recovery keys. I wanted to snap a photo of these keys and store them somewhere I could trust.

The files sync to my NAS and Mac within a second and never exist on any cloud service. I don't have a particular security concern with Dropbox but I figure, why not use something I control if it's just as good in nearly every respect. That's an affiliate link for the Synology unit I use.

It's like Sloth from Goonies. It's a beast but I love it so much. Sure, someone could argue that the bits are streaming through servers all around the world as they travel from my phone to my Synology. There's nothing I can possibly afford to do about that. I've only used the Mac client.

Files must be accessible over the Internet if you expect to share them that way. I mean network in the general sense. But even in this modern utopia of constant technology, there are times I don't have an internet connection. I don't know where that Monkey-Chicken photo comes from.

It passed through my Twitter stream and I had to have it. Thank you, whoever created this.

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Your life is deservedly more interesting than mine. Store Disclosures Donate. How fast is it? It feels instant on my network. It feels faster than Dropbox. Conclusion There are always going to be questions of performance.