How to select all in excel mac

Highlighted row number and column letter: The intersection on which the cell sits, like Column B and Row 2 B2 , is referred to as the address of the cell.

Multiple Object Selection Arrow for Excel for Mac 2016

Fill handle: Name box: Also known as the R ange tool , this displays the address of the cell. The address is the column letter followed by the row number. Click the Highlight Color to display a pop-up menu from which to choose a different color. This setting applies not only for Excel, but for all installed applications on your Mac.

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When you type into the cell, the information will also be visible in the formula bar. Use the arrow keys to move from cell to cell. If your mouse has a scroll wheel the "third" button you can use it to scroll up and down the spreadsheet but not change which cell you are typing in.

Multiple Object Selection Arrow for Excel for Mac - Microsoft Community

Use the mouse to select a range of data cells. Click on the cell in one corner of the range and holding down the mouse key, drag the mouse until all cells in the range are highlighted.

How to Select Rows and Columns in Excel with Mac Keyboard Shortcut

Select the cell in one corner of the range and while holding down SHIFT, either use the mouse to click on the cell in the opposite corner to mark the range, OR use the arrow keys to highlight the cells. To select cells that are not next to each other, click on the first desired cell or range of cells , and then while holding down Command, click on the other cell or range of cells. As long as you hold the Command key down you can continue selecting non-adjacent cells.


However, not all functions can be performed on multiple cells e. This will select all cells in the entire row all the way to XFD.