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New Macs include a native recovery mode option through a boot partition, but a recovery disk or boot drive made yourself will work as well. Why the change to the Terminal method with newer versions of Mac OS?

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Probably for increased security, particularly now that recovery partitions are standard with Macs. Much like prior versions of Mac OS X, the newest OS X releases share a more untraditional and technical approach to resetting a password for user accounts. Follow the setup procedure as usual, create the new administrative account, and wait for Mac OS X to boot as usual into the new user account.

You can now login to the original user account with the new password you just set. These two methods should work when booting from a Mavericks, Mountain Lion, or USB Lion install drive too , but whenever possible you will find it is much quicker to use the Recovery disk that is already active on all normal OS X installations. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. Please confirm something.

Because if not, that would mean disk encryption is useless. Without the password you would need the encryption recovery key which you should have kept in a safe place, but not on the encrypted hard drive—obviously. Considering how trivial it is to change a password in OS X, without even knowing the existing password, I would never run a system that has any personal or business data on it without using encryption.

That was whole lot easier! Does it still work? When I type: Macbook AIR 1. Tks — my boot volume name is Macintosh HD likely a default. How do I format the space in this command when entering after Cmd-S restart? This approach is different, it lets you change the […]. Hey I have a brand new 13inch MacBOOK Air and my password is totally forgotten i can get as far as turning on my computer but no further then the enter password screen. Please does anyone know how to set a new one without having the old one.

Reset Admin Password MacBook Air Without Administrator Password - Forgot Mac Admin Password

Although it show up for all other accounts. You cannot reset the password of a mobile account locally, it needs to be changed in the directory service to which the computer is bound. I foolishly changed my sisters password and now I cant remember it. She is still logged in and can use her iMac, if I do method one and I log out will this work on a her comp? I unknowingly setup parental controls on the only admin account. Now there is no way to disable parental control or create another admin account.

What can I do to get out of the tangle? Apple says i have to bring it in to redo the firmware password, which is about 4 hours away i dont want to drive that far, again. I had a hard drive crash about a month ago, had a new one installed thank God for AppleCare. My external hard drive had not successfully stored my time machine for about 3 months so when I restored my old info it loaded up an old adimin password.

Thus I am now in the same predicament as all these others, however, despite trying method one and two I am getting nowhere. I have had to reboot from Timemachine which of coarse puts me back to the old password. How can I get my desktop back after resetting the password without having to reboot with time machine? All lead back to gray screen unless I spend hours letting it reboot with time machine. Usually you want to hold the required keys down just before the starting up chime sounds.

When you […]. I cannot find Utities tool to reset my password.. Any help? My wife is about to throw her new iMac out of the window. It is asking for a password.

Method 1 – Reset a Lost Mac OS X Password with Recovery Mode

She never put a password on her computer. Seems the computer upgraded itself recently and a password box after bootup is there. No passwords that are remembered work. The Apple ID password does not work. Cannot reset without knowing what the password is. Whose stupid idea was this? Passwords do not assign themselves to Macs or any other computers for that matter.

Computers do not think for themselves, they take action based on our commands.

OS X Yosemite: How to Reset Your Administrator Password

To require a password at login is a setting that must have been turned on by someone, perhaps they forgot doing so. No bother, follow the instructions to reset your password and be on your way. Seems to me that there should be a warning that if you want anything more than to hide something from your baby sister you need to add encryption of some kind because the normal password is but a mere speedbump for thieves and offer NO peace of mind.

My mac running Yosemite Why are you booting Windows to reset a Mac password? Yes, create a new administrator account, and delete the one the thieves made. Links are in the above article to demonstrate this. Yes the best way to reset a forgot password on a Mac with Lion is to read the instructions above showing how to reset a password in Mac OS X from versions of Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, etc. My Mac Mini uses a generic external keyboard. What are the keys on a generic keyboard that correspond to the Command key and Option key in the above articles please?

Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: Peter says: August 24, at Cle, says: August 24, at 1: Tinman says: August 25, at MuTz says: August 25, at 1: August 28, at 8: August 29, at 1: MacGuy says: February 7, at March 11, at 1: August 8, at 6: August 29, at 2: August 29, at 9: BruceJ says: September 15, at 9: Monk says: December 26, at 3: Llew says: July 8, at 3: Bought my macbook pro on ebay..

Took it to an apple store, and same thing happened to me. They told me they want proof of pucrchase such as the original owners reciept. My cousin try to unlock it but couldnt… all he ran into was this proplem. Can some one help me???? How is that possible? I am asking seriously, not ironically. Device costs a LOT.

Very important to remember. With PC you get unlimited tries, you just have to reboot after 3 wrong tries.

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Very suspicious as my mac air locked itself down to the firmware password screen during normal operations. All the sudden the mac air basically crashed as it appeared then emerged a black screen with multiple languages hovering over the firmware padlock icon??? Have no idea how or why it happened… thAnk you all for sharing your insight and experience- learned a good amount While locked out. And why was I ever apprehensive about registering a new apple device and fearing foregoing privacy with each new device. Am I getting close to solving one of apples problems?

Cause my invoice is already in the mail. Got a all in one apple computer. I got it at Best Buy 5 years ago. I turn it on and I am getting a flashing? I never set up a password of any kind on this computer. And I have not got the receipt any more. If any one can help please e-mail me. Hi I am in the same situation as most of the people above. I bought an iMac 2nd hand and the previous owner had installed Windows 10 as the operating system. I wanted to reset it and install OS X so I thought it was a good idea to format the drive so I can do a clean install. I confess I saw the warning on file vault but since I knew I was formatting it I went ahead and formatted the drive.

Now I am learning about the firmware lock the hard way around. If anyone finds a solution please post. David at Rabya dot biz. Boot up your Apple computer while holding the option key. You will get the screen wanting the firmware passcode. You will get a one time hash code.

Reset a Mac OS X Mavericks or Mountain Lion Password

Call and tell them you have the has code and they will email You a file to put on a FAT formatted flash drive. Turn you computer off boot with the flash drive in while holding the option key and that should do it. Apple may require proof of purchase to do this. On and older macbooks the RAM trick works just fine. But and newer requires either having a utility to rewrite the efi chip, have apple unlock it, or replace the efi chip with another programmed one.

I always replace the chips and it works great. I am the original owner and am getting ready to sell a mid mbp. Backed up all my stuff, did the Cmd-R boot and set install a new version of he OS.

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It worked well and created a new home directory and all that. But there was still gigabytes if used data in the machine.

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I went into the Cmd-R reboot again and accessed the disk utility and erased the drive. While setting up he new machine, went into find my device and selected the old machine and selected erase. It asked me to enter my iCloud password, which I did. Then it asked me to enter a six digit password to stop the erase on the old machine if I wanted to. I entered a six digit number thankfully easy to remember, and was expecting the old machine to format itself any moment as both were powered on and connected to the internet.

Nothing happened for a while. I out the old machine away for a few hours and played around on the new machine. I did the install OS command and it downloaded the OS from the internet and rebooted. Then it presented me with the firmware lock, which I had never set. I entered the admin password I had used. No luck. I entered my iCloud password. Then I thought about it and entered It unlocked the firmware password.

So, for those of you locked it, log into iCloud on a different machine. If the old machine is still listed in your list of devices, erase the machine. It will ask you to enter a code. Then try that for your firmware password. Has anyone been able to sort this out? Unfortunately been a victim of a crook and bought myself a second hand locked MBP. One of these days they should be sued honestly as this is BS. The iPad stolen from me never made it back home so what kind of security is that.

The laptop will likely be confiscated. Hi, the firmware password was activated without me knowing it at all. I have got to visit Apple in central London to fix it and still under warranty. So I locked my Mac after someone at my home was stealing info from it while I was out of the state. In doing that it locked my firmware too.

I have tried multiple times to unlock but nothing has worked. At one point I did upgrade memory for my Mac, would make me a difference? Please help! Thanks for the tricks. So another trick is: Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Forgot a Mac Firmware Password? Enter your email address below: Posted by: January 28, at 4: The Untwit says: January 28, at 5: Paul says: January 28, at 8: MacFan says: January 29, at 9: Brian says: April 10, at Cyber Reaper says: September 20, at 8: Tom says: June 6, at 6: Tim says: August 16, at May 24, at 9: Jim Allison says: August 26, at DCJ says: Mike says: January 24, at 7: GuamGeek says: January 28, at 7: Rudi says: January 29, at 7: December 6, at 6: Jfariweather says: July 15, at 4: Ignite Mindz says: September 8, at 8: Ollie says: January 23, at 9: March 16, at 5: Angelica says: March 5, at 3: Rach says: September 19, at 1: October 25, at 5: October 26, at Howie Isaacks says: January 29, at 8: DG says: January 29, at 4: Damon Schultz says: January 30, at 4: Brain Dead Homer says: January 31, at 2: Bachsau says: April 10, at 9: May 6, at May 10, at 1: June 16, at 1: Brian Also says: September 1, at 2: Bilal khan says: June 22, at 3: Khaaaan says: June 22, at 8: Fas Jackson says: May 18, at Joongier says: June 24, at 1: May 18, at 8: July 19, at 3: Anisur Rahman says: July 21, at July 23, at Abraham says: July 23, at 3: September 8, at Chinacat says: Lio says: September 14, at 9: Mohamed says: September 22, at November 10, at 6: V4Vendetta says: November 15, at 5: Marcus says: December 13, at 7: February 5, at 5: Helper says: March 2, at 3: Jay Senorin says: March 5, at 4: Rafael says: April 13, at Caroline island boy says: June 1, at 8: August 26, at 2: October 14, at Gman fresh says: November 12, at 7: Terry Lawson says: November 18, at 7: Peter says: