How to share music on itunes between users on one mac

October 1, at 4: Shift key works the same in iTunes for Windows, however if you point it to the OS X library it will throw up an error that the library is not writable and refuse to load it in iTunes I was hoping that this article would help me with having three OS partitions and use iTunes with the same library on all. And if you do this with a newer version of iTunes the database will be updated to that version locking out older versions.

How to Use Multiple iTunes Libraries on a Single Computer

You can set the media library to be used by all to store media, but then what is presented in the app is different for each version of iTunes. And the Option-Start Up is not a little known trick. I do it with Office too. This is also helpful when your OS partition hammers, and it will, and you have to reinstall, all this precious data is safe and ready to be relinked. Then they put in the Option-Start Up feature which makes it so much easier. But this does not allow for different versions to continuously use the current updated database. Unless you try to revert and I am finding that trying to get older versions of iTunes is getting harder and harder.

Transferring files between user accounts on a Mac

Jony, stick with hardware and leave the software alone. You do not need to have the same version of iTunes on all partitions. Unfortunately, iTunes 12 is mandatory in Yosemite though. One could question why you are running 3 versions of OSX, oh wait you didnt say above rant rant rant. FarmerBob spared me huge headaches. I, too, have found that iCloud-enabled versions of iTunes can go in the back door, modify my library and convert files to Apple Music types even though I am not a Apple Music subscriber.

Of all the applications that create the most headaches on OS X it is iTunes. You can disable the attempt iTunes v.

Use Multiple iTunes Libraries on One Computer

To spare the risk that library contents will be modified without user input or knowledge. I have been using Apple products since before there was an Apple Store back when Apple users were second class citizens to Windows PCs. A lot of what was attractive about Mac?

It just worked. But iCloud-enabled versions of iTunes are another animal.

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ITunes v. Now, if you only own Apple-brand products you may never have the misfortune to encounter these headaches. The unfortunate problem is that if you stick around long enough, the iTunes Store will either cease to offer a particular album off of which you made a purchase OR they will randomly lose track of some of your oldest past purchases even though you still have the same AppleID. So yes, the headaches are very real.

Count yourself lucky!

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Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: Cody says: October 1, at 2: John Smith says: October 1, at 5: Sioban says: Navigate through your computer and select a folder where the new library will be created.

That way everyone's library and content is stored in the same place.

How to share a virtual machine between users in Mac OS

You can start adding new content to it now. Using this technique, two or more people using the same computer can manage their own iPods , iPhones , and iPads without interfering with each other's music or settings.

How Do I Share iPhoto and iTunes Libraries Between Two Users? [Ask MacRx]

To do this, simply launch iTunes while holding down Option or Shift to select a given iTunes library. Then connect the iPhone or iPod you sync with this library. An important note about connecting a device that's synced to one library to iTunes using another: You can't sync anything from the other library. The iPhone and iPod can only sync to one library at a time. If you use Apple Music or iTunes Match , it's crucial that you follow the advice in the last step of signing out of your Apple ID before quitting iTunes.

Both of those services are designed to sync music to all devices using the same Apple ID. That means if both iTunes libraries on the same computer are accidentally signed into the same Apple ID, they'll end up with the same music downloaded to them automatically. Kind of ruins the point of having separate libraries!

How to share iTunes libraries between user accounts in OS X

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