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Just for your information, photo metadata allows information to be transported with an image file, in a way that can be understood by other software, hardware, and end users, regardless of the format. AnalogExif is a free metadata editor for the scanned films and DSC-captured digital images. This is perhaps one of the most powerful Exif editor. Why to fake camera details? If you have an older version of photoshop you can open a raw file created from a newer camera, no need to spend money in a new photoshop version.

So it has its advantage to change the exif camera info, saves you money. I use an exif editor to add GPS and tags.

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Sure, I could do it in Lightroom, but if the Lightroom catalog becomes corrupt, I lose all that data. Google Picasa — http: If you want to process only a few photos, I suggest using an online tool. For example you do not need to install anything or for a long time to understand the options. Fix can not only Exif: You can choose from wide range of eye-catching effects! And control the intensity of Looks…..

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7 Best Exif Data Editor & Remover For Mac

Why hide when there is nothing is to hide? Could the exif metadata have been altered?

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Analog Exif just never installed. Ran through super fast and left two unusable files on its folder. Win 7 HP What is this? Is there any way to recover pictures which were regained by recovery tools after previously deleted. When we transfer photos from the camera to the computer, some software changes the date the photo was created.

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The date created is not the shooting date, but the date saved to the computer. Obviously, this is not what we want, it is very difficult to organize the photos on the computer. But we can't change this creation date on the computer now. Is there any solution to change the created date of photo on mac? We can view the create date of the photo on mac by Finder.

And you can view the real date of the photo by Preview.

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  7. When you open a photo with Preview. As we known, there is no way to edit or change the reate date with Mac OS X system app. To change the created date of photo on Mac, we need to download the third-party app to do it. Just simply select all files you want to edit and change the individual tags. Because saving files is usually not the fastest thing you can perform, the program saves all edits at once. You can remove either all metadata from the pictures or you can clear the tags individually. This allows you, for example, remove all location information from the images. Exif Editor has a number of handy editors for various types of data.

    This allows you to comfortably edit tags. Some options can be filled with a selected number of options. You can choose one of them. You can use a map window to see position of your photo s on the map. You can also edit the position on the map simply by dragging the red pin on the map. Besides the map, you can also view the exact GPS numerical values. This can allow you, for example, to copy and paste the coordinates to maps in your browser. Have a look into technical specification of currently supported tags.

    How to Find or Change Create Date of a Photo macOS