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I checked out all 5 applications reviewed above: The Duplicate Finder. Even tho more expensive than Gemini or Araxis it is far more robust. For example, Chipmunk found iTunes music files that had been misnamed but, were the same song, i. This is also true for photos. I am very glad I bought Chipmunk. It is fast, easy to use and very useful at cleaning up duplicates.

Gemini no longer works. I downloaded last week april it only allows manual deletion, and even then kept warning me about deleting the original. I got a refund and am now searching for a program that works in It is the latest version, and the system is Also, when trying to use the Finder search to locate duplicate items, I cannot find how to add a Size column to the menu, only to the search criteria.

It must be simple, help, please. Also, there is an em dash instead of a minus sign, so I changed that. Both before and after though, it errors: The two versions of the tools are similar, but not identical.

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The issue is the — following the grep command. GNU grep interprets this as stdin thus, those lines that have been identified as duplicates by uniq -d , while BSD grep is actually looking for a file called -.

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Nice article! For some reason a lot of my songs have duplicated, tripled or even quadrupled.

Gemini - $19.95

Therefore I searched on google and found a good software. It is really amazing to remove all my duplicates all at once. Ja, that command line fails for multiple reasons. The other seems to be deprecated behaviour in grep. Each bar symbol is a pipe and joins the output from one command to another. So, explaining one command at a time: The effect is to output a list of files with their directory relative to current directory and their checksum and block count size in bytes. Next bit says take this list of files with checksums, and sort them alphabetically by the first item in the list the checksum.

That last command, grep, is a little off.

Best duplicate file finder for Mac

The options are -hif which are: Now the exciting bit where something interesting is revealed. So, what to do? An alternative, if less attractive measure is to redirect the output from uniq -d to another file.

Remove Duplicate Files on Mac OS X

Scanning can be done according to filenames or contents. In addition, its customizable scanning engine helps the user to find almost exact matches in addition to exact matches. Other notable features include a duplicate photo finder Mac with a fuzzy scan algorithm that can select pictures that are similar, but not exactly identical. Duplicate files — ugh! Here is another tool to help find duplicate files and delete them in seconds, an easy task for Easy Duplicate Finder!

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  5. This is a comprehensive tool that helps users free up disk space on their Mac and increase overall system performance. You can easily manage and organize duplicate files with the help of Easy Duplicate Finder. This duplicate finder tool can help to delete duplicate photos, docs, music, videos, spreadsheets and even emails! It is fast and easy to use by simply dragging and dropping folders you wish to scan onto Easy Duplicate Finder. This app will then delete the unnecessary files from your Mac.

    You can even undo the files deleted by mistake with just a few clicks. Easy Duplicate Finder has numerous distinctive features such as a find and replace duplicate file mode, multiple custom scan modes and an interactive mode to help organize your files. Duplicate File Finder is an extra tool we are including which offers powerful duplicate file finder capabilities for Windows! Most of our selected apps above have been Mac specific but next tool really shines on Windows!

    Developed by Ashisoft, Duplicate File Finder is a free app that can find and remove duplicate files on your Windows computer. Its powerful search engine can find files based on different criteria, such as filename or byte-by-byte.

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    Duplicate File Finder even includes a binary level comparison which can find duplicates regardless of file names. Each search can be done on an entire drive or on a selected set of folders. Once started, the search session can be stopped and saved for later use. Search results can easily be filtered and sorted by multiple fields such as name, size, total size s , type and duplicate count.


    Duplicate removal is easy and offers the option to move the files to the trash or delete them permanently. In addition to scanning your internal hard drives, Duplicate File Finder also works with removable media devices like USB drives and external hard drives. Duplicate File Finder also offers a Pro version which contains added features, such as an advanced search which can show hidden files. Below, we have put together a list of five popular free duplicate file finders for Mac which will make finding and deleting duplicates on your Mac much easier: