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Warface Warface 8, 48 ProSay Having played the 1.

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You should make it an answer. ProSay Not by number he isn't. When Minecraft is updated, you'll notice questions here tend to get updated answers too.

SevenSidedDie 30k 12 85 Joe the Person Joe the Person 4, 5 28 Ah, where in the F3 screen is it? Is the feature still in version 1. I'm not seeing it, for some reason. Cyclops Server admins have an option to hide the seed from the debug screen. This avoids the problem of players scouting the map in single-player. Are you on a multiplayer server?

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SevenSidedDie, although I'm playing single-player, as I understand it - version 1. Does that mean the seed is hidden by default? Is there any way to unhide it? Wups - I just noticed that the answer was edited to show shift-F3. I'll have to try that when I get home. Cyclops Ahah! As of 1. This doesn't require cheats enabled to work, thankfully.

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  7. Single Player Commands [V4.9] - Official Download [SPC] [+NoClip].
  8. Kevin Yap Kevin Yap John the Green John the Green In Beta ProSay ProSay 2, 5 25 This has been done. There is a full interface in game that you can use to preform actions.

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    This mod also works for single player. Last edited: Jan 20, HERO , Jun 5, Read this. Begone, Evil!

    Upcoming Features Guide to making your own Extension Tool Better options for integration with other mods Changelog v0. Reach out if you want to translate the mod to other languages for me! Player will not move Shift to speed up, Alt to slow down. Use in conjunction with Infinite Reach for easy building Right click to teleport character Added onscreen instructions for teleporting in fullscreen map. Fixed duplicate items in list. Wet buff added to Buff menu v0. Sep 4, DogeyCake , y0slaap , Vladimier and 5 others like this. Jofairden and Antasma like this. Ayy HERO is back at it again!

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    Really glad to see this available for 1. TobyJ , Jun 5, Jofairden and xseverohatredx like this. Oh my god HERO! Glad to see you working again, I enjoyed using Gameiki in 1.

    minecraft commands - Why does /gamerule KeepInventory true not work? - Arqade

    HERO likes this. Antasma , Jun 5, Gallifreiiorn , Jun 5, Jun 5, Jofairden likes this. I just saw this mod and I am blown away.

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    Not only is it easy to use but it has all sorts of features that I've been desiring for ages now screw rain! Excellent work you two. I think this will be a mod I will always be using alongside Cheat sheet That menu to see item recipes is so handy. Chime , Jun 5, HERO ayy lmao gameiki was gr8 and im glad you remade it into 1.