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Burrell are at 'Sam,' with freshman Korrin Wiggins the starting nickel back. Ammon Lakip is listed as the Tigers' backup kicker at all three positions - punter, placekicker and kickoffs. You can view today's paper or previous issues. - Eric Mac Lain 2015 Orange Bowl Media Day

Want full access? Subscription Manage Account. Clemson's D. Baseball Golf Other Blogs Photos. Now Trending. Orange and White Poll. What position concerns you most going to Auburn? View Results. Latest updates. Tweets by orangeandwhite. And he starts that during the recruitment process. When he talked with a large group of top high school recruits and their families before the Florida State game last season, he emphasized academics and character and graduation.

Going to class, being engaged and graduation were expectations, he told them, as was earning your spot on the team. And recruits would be judged on more than just their skill on the field. That great fit, says Scott, is a young man who is goal-oriented and family-oriented and who understands the value of a college degree.

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He might be a great player, but he may not fit here. For Swinney, coaches were a critical part of his development as well as his survival through a tough childhood and tougher adolescence, and he sees a lot of young men who come from similar circumstances. If you had asked Swinney what he was planning to be when he grew up, he would probably have told you he wanted to be a pediatrician.

And so when he headed to Alabama, it was as a pre-med student. In the meantime, Alabama won the national championship his senior year, a great capstone to his college career on the field. But that spring, as he prepared to graduate, he went out to watch practice a few times.

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I felt like a man without a country. It was to one of his coaches, Woody McCorvey, that he went for advice. McCorvey is now on staff at Clemson as associate athletic director for football administration. A graduate assistant position came open, and head coach Gene Stallings offered him the spot. It was easier to call my new employer about my change of direction, that I was going to get my MBA and be better prepared for the workplace. As soon as he began working as a graduate assistant coach, things became clear to him.

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  • Eric Mac Lain moves up at LT, Shaq Anthony ready to step in on right side.
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Those experiences have found their way to the positive side of the balance sheet. Watching the light come on Everywhere you look in the WestZone, you see reminders of what Swinney calls the core values of the program. Each year at the first meeting of the football team, Swinney takes a football and puts in on the floor. Then he calls one of the guys forward and challenges him to stand on the football. He challenges them to be diversified. It just never gets old. Just watching the light kind of come on for them. You have to love that kind of comment from a coach whose job this last year had him accepting the ACC and the Orange Bowl trophies and leading a team playing their hearts out in the National Championship, moments most of us think would trump almost anything else.

How much is this going to cost us in wins? In revenue?

Clemson looks to right wrongs vs. Seminoles

And so he starts over again every year with the same stories, the same lessons in life. One who realizes that despite the fact that it pays his salary, football is just a game. And that winning is important, but not nearly as important as impacting the lives of the young men in his program. I care more about how we do it. How we play. How we win. Photography credits: Share this: Cory Thomas '16 and Sharon Thomas '83 Ethiopia: I am thankful every day that my son chose Clemson!

I attended Clemson myself — , during some very successful football years under Charlie Pell and Danny Ford. I was exposed to Steve Fuller, Dwight Clark, and Jerry Butler, and the only one who showed even a smidgeon of class was Jerry Butler, who was as intelligent and interactive as a student as he was on the field. I graduated in and moved to Nebraska in October, right before the National Championship. Over the years, I read about the Huskers coach, Tom Osborne, and his coaching philosophy: I wished that for Clemson for many years, and am so thankful to see the same character in Coach Swinney.

The young men who are playing football today show class, humility, generosity, and love for football and for one another. They are showing the country what makes Clemson special, and I am more proud of these coaches and players than I ever was with that National Championship in Praying for you through each game this year — let your light shine, guys; you ARE winners!!!

Eric Mac Lain moves up at LT, Shaq Anthony ready to step in on right side

Outstanding article, very well written with a message that so accurately depicts our head coach, our football program and our overall University mission which is to educate and prepare our students to be successful in their lives. I am very proud of what Dabo Swinney has done with and through our great Clemson University. Great article! Coach Swinney is a man of faith and principle….

Football is a game, life is real and he continually keeps that perspective. This is one of the best articles I have ever read!!! His faith, values, and love shines through him in everything he does!!!