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When I washed first time brush bristles didn't shed at all but I saw bristles doesn't on proper shape. I was worried, when brush was completely dry than back to shape. I was so scared that time. Because I spent money for good stuff. Love it.

Mac Blending Brush Review - Beauty and Blush

Glad you love it as much as I do! Mines still going strong after more than ten years of daily use. I buy a lot of stuff.

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I'm not indenial about it, but rarely do I tell people that they 'need' something in their lives, especially when its a pricey item like this one, but take my advice. If you like doing eye makeup, go and buy this right now. This brush is so good. It has a slender black handle which i think is made from wood and has the some imprinted silver writing on the side which says mac and the number The brush on the end is a cream colour and is reasonably densely packed while still remaining fluffy.

I use this as a blending brush and it is so good. It picks up the right amount of product, and dispenses it evenly. It blends products together like a dream and its just so easy to use. I will say that at times i can find the bristle a tiny bit scratchy on my eye area, but its mostly because I am being rough and rushing to get my makeup done quickly. This brush is so good and worth the price.

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I have tried a few dupes but have found nothing similar yet. Buy it!! The has served me well through all my transition colours, my smokeys, my attempts at gradients as well fighting evil with harsh lines. It's still going strong today and I'd like to thank the MAC MUA who told me that if I look after it well enough it could actually last me a good couple of years - it has almost been a decade! In general, MAC brushes look sleek, professional and sturdy. I remember being left with the impression that if I own a few of their brushes my makeup will look flawless.

Partly true - I figured out real quick that I actually need to know how to apply my makeup properly haha. The has a silver ferrule with the MAC name and brush number embossed on the black handle. The white bristles are densely packed together but there is a certain degree of softness or fluffiness which feels amazing on the skin. It does a beautiful job at blending out the eyeshadow whether it's just in the crease or for a full on smokey. I have never had any issues with shedding or struggled to get it back into it's shape after washing or spot cleaning.

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Needless to say it's worth every cent and despite having more affordable options today I would still repurchase this brush. I love this brush I use it so much I carry it everywhere! It's so good at blending and cutting that crease so well. I love how the blending doesn't looked to hard and it's just right. I usually use this to blend dark colours on my crease. I think other crease brushes aren't as good as this. I absolutely love this brush. I haven't found a brush quite like the MAC Real techniques deluxe crease brush is similar to this brush but not an exact dupe.

Its so soft yet so fluffy. You can easily use this brush to complete a Smokey eye. It washes well and dries really fast. After having this brush for almost a year now the shapes is still the same as when I purchased it.

MAC 217 - Blending Brush Review

After many a year of watching YouTubers rave about this brush and many a year of buying dupes, I finally decided to pick up the real deal. I was doing an order on Nordstrom and this found its way in. I think Nordstrom is a great place to pick up MAC products if they have what you want as you can pick up other brands at the same time. The handle of this brush is the matte black that you learn to expect from MAC, very classy. The brand and number of the brush is embossed in silver on the side. I have found with other MAC brushes that I own that this does wear off quite quickly. I saw a tip once to apply a wee bit of clear nail polish over the top of the name to keep it on longer, but I don't really mind that much.

The brush itself is white and I have found with cleaning that this comes back to white each time I clean it. I haven't had any fall out with this brush. I personally use this sort of brush every time that I do eyeshadow. I like it for picking up colour to put over my whole lid. It picks up the right amount of colour to put all over the lid which is great. It is fluffy enough to deposit colour across the lid well, but I also occasionally use it for blending out colour around the crease which it does really well.

This brush is fantastic quality and is one of the first types of brushes that I would suggest someone getting into makeup would pick up. However as much as this is a fantastic brush I do think that dupes exist. My Sigma E25 is very comparable, not quite as tightly packed but still very effective. I could actually do with some more of these brushes so will be on the hunt to see other brands dupes as I do believe they are out there! The mac is raved about by makeup artists, beauty gurus i hate that word on youtube, bloggers, everywhere!

For starters it is so incredibly soft and the perfect density, often you run into the problem of a brush just being too dang flimsy! It blends my eyeshadow seemlessly, it makes the job so much easier and it just looks better! Be careful when washing it as the hairs fray and effect the performance of the brush, i recommend the mac brush cleanser for instant cleaning! The brush is one of M. C's most well known products - and for good reason!

I love this brush, I currently have two of them but I think I would find use for I bought my first brush about 5 or 6 years ago and it has never failed me; I have noticed no shedding, nor has it lost its shape. This brush is an eye brush and is usually used for blending out a smokey eye, or contouring the crease. The shape and design of the brush ensures a clean result and causes little fall out. My eyes and lid area are fairly small so in many instances I will use a smaller blending brush the but for most people - or for bolder blending - this brush is ideal.

Not to worry if you don't do the smokey look too often, I'm sure you'll find a use for this finely crafted little must have. Do You Use a Detangler? Sign In Register. Quick Links:. Product Reviews:. Home About Us Trial Teams. New Zealand's biggest beauty guide. Moisturisers Tools Treatments. Search by category:.

Mac 217 Blending Brush Review

Permanent Temporary. It price is quite exorbitant but I would still go for MAC, finish is what that matters when it comes it eye makeup. Beautifully reviewed Ritu! Really nice review! Please checkout our blog http: Your email address will not be published. Previous Article Beauty gets handy with Flipkart Video. You may also like Review, swatches, FOTD. MAC M. Amplified Creme lipstick- Brick-O-La: Review, swatches.

Is It A Dupe?! - MAC 217 Blending Brush

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